Unlimited Travel Options: How the Gig Economy Offers you a Different Lifestyle

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Written by Ben Davis

If you’re unhappy with your job, and can’t seem to get a raise or a promotion, perhaps you should think about working for yourself. Would you like to set your own hours, take a vacation at your convenience, and be able to work from home? Many people are jumping into the “gig” economy to find ways to make their financial dreams come true. If you have a specialized service to offer, you may have a high earning potential doing “gig” jobs.

What Is A Gig Job?

People used to think of musicians and entertainers as doing “gigs” for their work. The location would change and so would the pay. Today the term has expanded to include people in all professions as well as those who may not have any training. Highly skilled “gigs” bring in better money, but some teenagers offer errand-running “gigs” and other services. There are websites where you can advertise your skills and your price. The Thumbtack website lists some earnings as high as $70.00 per hour for professionals. Many people who lost jobs and couldn’t find work that paid what they needed were the launchers of the “gig” economy. Now they are earning enough money to pay their bills and travel to exotic places. Some people start doing “gigs” while they are still working at their job to be sure it is going to work for them. Having the option of working from home is a definite draw for many people. Technology makes it possible for many types of work to be done from home. ‘Home office’ is one of the major search words for real estate listings.

Pay Off Your Bills

Part-time “gigs” help many people get out of debt. Credit card debt has high-interest rates that eat up your money. Doing some occasional “gigs” can help you pay off your credit cards fast. Student loan debt is also overwhelming to many young people, and to get help with that debt is important. You can turn your skills and talents into extra income. Can you give piano lessons, tutor in math, teach a language, demonstrate cake decorating, or provide swimming instruction? All your talents can help you pay off your bills, and put some money aside for a great vacation anywhere in the world. Web designers, graphic artists, programmers, writers, artists, and illustrators are all earning extra money or doing their “gigs” full-time.

Start Your Own Business

As the number of “gigs” grow, you may find the demand for your work is strong enough to start your own business. The demand for trained technicians, plumbers, electricians, and professionals in other specialty fields is growing. Some individuals have found the need to hire employees in order to handle all the work. The “gig economy” complements and contributes to the overall economy of the country. When one grows, they both grow.

You can earn extra money with “gigs” or work full time. Don’t wait another day to find out how you can put your talents and training to work.


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