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5 Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcyclists face all manner of risks on the roads. In case of a collision, the injuries are more severe since the cyclists are less protected than passengers in four-wheeled vehicles. Most motorists have never considered having a motorcycle accident lawyer and saving some bucks for one if an accident occurs, causing motorcyclists to suffer damages by themselves without legal assistance when involved in a collision.

Motorcyclists are twenty-eight times likely to die in a traffic accident compared to vehicle passengers. Bikers should be aware of the motorcycling laws offered to ensure their safety.

Are the Biases Against Motorists True?

Many road users have a false impression that motorcyclists travel faster than they should.

They appear out of nowhere, driving recklessly with the least concern about safety, swapping lanes between vehicles to save time. However, these stereotypes are unfair. Bikers emerge from all walks of life, from very different cultures. They are decent beings willing to take the necessary precautions to ensure road safety.

Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

1. Inexperienced Drivers

Having a license is not a guarantee that one is a good motorist. It takes more than the paper evidence to qualify for being on the roads. A motorist should undergo proper training on the machine and road safety before being a biker. Unfortunately, many driving experiments occur on the main roads, and in case of a little panic that ends up in an unsafe move, an accident happens.

2. Lane Splitting

Lane splitting involves driving between two lanes, which only motorists can do because the bikes are small enough to fit between the streets. It is not very safe for motorcyclists to maneuver between the vehicles because if a car door is open or a car accelerates its speed, they are likely to collide, causing an accident. In most countries like the United States, lane splitting is illegal. The practice should be discouraged all the more to decrease the rate of collisions.

3. Poor Road Conditions

Potholes, debris, and all manner of dangers lie on the roads waiting for the motorists. Lack of the necessary signals and signs can also put the motorcyclists in a position where they can barely have control, causing an accident. A biker should drive at a pace where they can take action in time in case of danger. They should be slow when approaching turns because this is where most mistakes occur.

4. Critical Weather Conditions

Adverse weather conditions are a significant cause of accidents. Necessary precautions should be adhered to when there are profound weather changes. The biker should make sure the motorcycle undergoes service regularly to ensure the tires and brakes are safe. The motorist should keep a reasonable distance to avoid unaware hits while in motion.

5. Driving Under the Influence of Drugs

Drunk driving puts the motorist at serious risk of an accident. The mistake could also be on the side of other drivers on the road who might be intoxicated and end up hitting the motorist. Drugs tend to cause impaired judgment and dizziness, which slow down reaction time, causing a driver to make haste or delayed moves when danger occurs.

Driving under the influence of drugs may cause one to face charges for Driving Under Influence(DUI), which has severe fines for the damages caused. Where death has happened, one might serve a long term in prison. When this happened, you should find out how much does a DUI lawyer cost?

Who Is at Fault for Most Motorcycle Accidents?

The more significant blame for motorcycle accidents falls on vehicle drivers. Cars making left turns constitute a considerable risk for motorists. Since bikes are smaller than most vehicles, they can crash into a turning car, causing fatal injuries for the less protected motorist.


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