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Lawyer Service Settlement of Divorce

Written by Jimmy Rustling

When divorced, compliance with legal procedures confuses many people as to where to start and how to do it. Therefore, seeking professional divorce lawyers is a smart choice to help you protect your rights, quickly escape the suffering of an unhappy marriage. Come to Divorce Lawyer in Philadelphia , customers will be able to experience the prestigious divorce counseling service, with a full-time divorce procedure, saving time and money.

What is the Lawyer Service?

Divorce settlement lawyer service is a legal service provided by Top rated Denver divorce attorneys specializing in providing a team of professional lawyers, knowledgeable about the law, have extensive experience in divorce counseling activities, with in-depth legal knowledge. civil, counseling or direct participation as a defender of the litigants’ rights and interests in divorce cases

When do you need divorce?

In many cases of divorce it is difficult to come to mutual agreements on property, the children of responsibility and the rights of both parties. Therefore, when we have decided to divorce, we need to seek experts to analyze and make the most beneficial decisions for both parties. And getting a thorough grasp of the law in a divorce case is often not easy for most people. Therefore, the need to have a divorce lawyer or divorce settlement service is the best choice.

What does a divorce settlement service do for you?

If you are not knowledgeable about the laws of marriage, you will be confused about the steps to divorce and you do not know how to do it, it is very time consuming for both parties. In this case, if you use the Lawyer service to settle a divorce, it’s different. They are people with knowledge, practical experience and so they will help you solve quickly and will help:

Cost savings for you
Resolving quickly, saving time
Minimize legal risks

What does divorce counseling services include?

Grasping the needs and feelings, customers, Divorce Lawyer in Philadelphia we always want to provide you with quality services. The areas that we consult can include:

Counseling on files, procedures and procedures for a favorable or unilateral divorce;
Counseling and answering the law provisions on domestic violence and solving the problem of domestic violence;
Counseling on the division of common property, private property, debt repayment obligations … when the couple divorce;

Counseling and guiding the resolution of disputes on custody of children when the couple divorces in court;
Advice and answer on child support after divorce and child care and visit after divorce;

What does a divorce dispute resolution service include?

As the conflicts become increasingly fierce, both parties have disputes over issues related to marriage, child custody, alimony, property and divorce counseling services. , litigate in court as a defender of the litigants’ legitimate rights and interests in cases such as:

Disputes over division of assets upon divorce
Dispute custody of children upon divorce, on changing direct custodian, support during divorce and after divorce

How does divorce resolution service involve foreign elements?

This service is applicable when one of the spouses resides, works or studies abroad or when either party is a foreigner.

In addition, this service is used by customers when the marriage registration is performed by a foreign competent authority.

Divorce involving foreign elements, though carried out according to general procedures, belongs to the jurisdiction of the provincial Court. Documents issued by foreign agencies or organizations must be consular legalized and notarized and translated into local languages ​​before being accepted by the Court.

What will the lawyer service on your behalf?

Drafting divorce application
Proposing relevant procedural agencies when issuing improper decisions, procedures … that affect customers’ legitimate rights and interests.
Drafting applications and other related documents for the applicant
On behalf of customers, submit application and file
On behalf of customers to carry out procedures with state agencies

Why choose Divorce Lawyer in Philadelphia?

With a team of experienced lawyers and legal staff with high expertise in marriage and family, deeply understanding the laws in Philadelphia.

Divorce Lawyer in Philadelphia is committed to ensuring the quality of legal services provided to our customers, dedicated to their work, promoting their capabilities, using their professional knowledge and occupational skills necessary to protect them well. best rights and interests of the client in accordance with the law, the Code of Ethics and the lawyer’s professional conduct.

With the principle of “Prestige-Dedication-Efficiency”, we are committed to putting the word “credibility” first, giving customers absolute safety. We bring the law to customers with conscience and professional ethics.

Customers wishing to use the lawyer service to resolve a divorce or marriage dispute can contact us via the information below, thank you very much.

Petrelli Previtera, LLC
(215) 523-6900

1845 Walnut Street, 19th Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19103

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