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Small Business Tips: Simple Ways to Earn the Trust of Your Audience

Written by Jimmy Rustling

As a small business owner, you have a lot of factors to consider when it comes to attracting new customers and creating revenue.

Although marketing to new audiences with effective advertising is important, creating a sense of trust among your existing client base is crucial in order to establish brand loyalty. This will encourage your customers to stick around long-term instead of finding another business that provides similar products and greater value.

Market research companies like Research America are gathering data that help brands better connect with their audiences. The data show that building trust between business and customer is an important step to success. Let’s take a look at some of the best ways to earn the trust of your current and potential customers.

Be a Responsive Communicator

Nothing is more frustrating for a consumer than having a question to ask or a complaint to file, only to be met with extremely limited business hours and inaccessible customer service options.

When you make your business easy to contact, you make it easier for customers to place their trust in you. This should include promptly answering all emails and calls during business hours and providing an after-hours option for answering queries, such as a chatbot.

Create Value with Useful Resources

Make a point to provide your audience with valuable resources. People will be more likely to trust your knowledge in your area of expertise. Plus, these resources give your clients a way to interact with your brand outside of regular business hours.

Valuable resources can include video content, podcasts, blog posts, and more. All of these options can easily be made available on your website and shared on your social media platforms to connect with a wider audience.

Stay Connected to Customers After a Purchase

Too many businesses focus all their money and energy on acquiring new customers and don’t focus nearly enough on keeping those customers interested in coming back. Make the effort to stay connected with your customers after the transaction is complete. It helps to establish a sense of trust between you and shows the customer that they’re more than just a dollar sign in the eyes of your business.

There are many ways to keep the line of communication open with customers after purchase. It could be as easy as a follow-up email or text thanking them for their patronage, but you could also include a prompt for feedback to help your customer feel heard.

As a small business owner, you may find it easier to connect directly with your clientele than a large corporation does, so make use of the channels available to you. Your customers will feel valued and you’ll gain insight into new strategies and avenues of growth.

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