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What are IDEX technology and the uses for 3D printers

Written by Jimmy Rustling

3D printing technology first came to limelight in the 1970s, but it wasn’t until recently when it started making headlines for its dramatic impact on research, engineering, and medical industries. The technology is now advancing at a fast rate, making it possible to produce desktop 3D printers that can be used at home.

Currently, there are a dozen types of 3D printers that vary from low-cost desktop printers to high-end industrial 3D printers. Most of the desktop 3D printers utilize fused deposition modelling technology, which involves depositing material in single layers that join together to form the 3D object.

IDEX Technology

Although 3D printing technology has advanced over the years, manufacturers had a tough time developing printers that cater to the needs of modern consumers. Most of the 3D printers available in the market are slow and somehow expensive to operate. Modern consumers are looking for 3D printers that will save both their time and money. BCN3D seems to have found the answer. IDEX technology is the gamechanger in the 3D printing business. IDEX technology guarantees double productivity for the same investment. Discover 3D Printing Technology. What is IDEX technology?

IDEX is a short form for Independent Dual Extruder. If you take a look at most of the dual extrusion desktop 3D printers in the market today, you will notice they have both tool heads in the same carriage. However, 3D printers utilizing IDEX technology have tool heads that can work independently. IDEX technology allows users to work with both tool heads simultaneously in mirror and duplication mode to double productivity. This technology allows users to produce more items in a short time and a half cost. And the best part is that 3D printers utilizing IDEX technology have the same price range as the other desktop 3D printers.

Benefits of Choosing 3D Printers with IDEX

3D printers using IDEX technology offers many benefits to consumers. This technology has come at a time when many small businesses are struggling with production because most of the existing 3D printers are slow and expensive to run. Here’s how you stand to benefit by buying 3D printers with IDEX.

Doubling Production

3D printers with IDEX can work with both tool heads to print as many parts as you would like thanks to its duplication and mirror modes. A single 3D printer with IDEX can produce as many pieces as two 3D printers without IDEX.

Reduces Labor Cost by Half

Many businesses are looking for ways to cut labor costs to remain competitive. There’s no other better way to cut labor costs than buying a 3D printer with IDEX. For instance, a business that initially required ten 3D printers will now need just five printers to produce an equal number of items. This will, in turn, reduce the number of workers by almost half.

Saves Space

Printers take a lot of working space. 3D printers with IDEX are suitable, especially for small businesses that don’t have huge working spaces. These printers are very economical on space which ensures that every square meter is utilized optimally.

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