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Latest and most trending Hollywood Gossip 2019

Written by Jimmy Rustling

If you are a movie buff you always watch out for the news of your favorites stars. Being a Hollywood movie fan one always keeps himself abreast of the latest happening in the industry. Hence, it would not be wrong to say that fans and followers even try to imitate the dialogue delivery styles, hair and cloth styling of their loved superstars.

These are the things that govern the cloth and style market trends in many countries. This makes it necessary to follow the latest Hollywood gossip and news to ensure that you sound knowledgeable and informed when you talk to someone regarding the most trending news in Hollywood, and that is where this article is going to help you.

We in this article are going to cover some of the most recent and trending Hollywood gossip of 2019. By the end of this article, you would be equipped enough to talk to your acquaintances regarding the latest happenings in Hollywood with an authority. 

  1. In Her Artist of the Decade Performance Taylor Swift Shaded Scooter Braun 

 Just do not be lost and confused regarding a potential shade. Taylor slammed Scoter for preventing her from performing lively and old songs during her artist of the decade performance. This news has come out as a shocker for many fans as such allegations were never expected.

She further said that she had been planning to perform her melodies hits in the last decades in her show but Scott and Braun stopped me from doing this. They elaborated that you cannot perform the old songs as it would look and sound like a re-recording of the old songs.

You should come with a refreshing performance. One of the top executive has intervened in the rift and informed on a public platform that Taylor swift is allowed to perform both new and old melodies. Apart from that, it has been noticed that Scooter Brawn has been getting death threats since the news outburst. This makes this dispute far from getting resolved.

  1. Selena Gomez gets herself a Massive Praying Tattoo 

Unlike other Serena Gomes has spent her day of AMA presence differently. Even till late in the evening the entire media was expecting her presence and she was not anywhere near to the red carpet. But not only she arrived; she arrived with a bang on the eve of American music awards.

She had arrived wearing lime green Versace dress in which she was looking nothing less than stunning. She was looking sensationally pretty and another guest was awestruck by her presence. To go with that perfectly matching lime green heel made a great combination.

She opened the AMA proceedings with her new songs. The most unique part of the dressing, she revealed while performing. And it was a massive praying Tattoo on her thighs, which the viewers can see and notice. This has gone viral on social media like a rash and has made this one of the most trending Hollywood Gossip.

  1. Billie Eilish Arrived Into the AMAs unlike other

She showed up in the event like a fashionable beekeeper. That has made the internet talking about her all the way. In case you would be wondering what type of costume she was dressed with or which color she choose. It was a blueberry outfit.It is a matter of choice for most of the celebrities that what they are going to wear in the flagship event.

No one would think to get her dressed casually like you wear at home. But the 17-year-old singer entered the red carpet and made the world talking about her dress. She thinks it’s cool. She rolled on the red carpet wearing a glittery veil with a white bonnet. She was obscuring her face and giving vibes of a glamorous beekeeper.

It was looking like she has a question in her mind that is I looking like a beekeeper? To be true fashion and a willingness to be different from the common crowd makes a person do such unusual things. But fans love this and her fashion stunt is trolled over social media like anything. This news has become a sensation in no time.

  1. Justin Timberlake with Actress Alisha Wainwright in New Orleans is it a match?

As per the sources, the most celebrated singer of his time Justin Timberlake and a famous actress Alisha Wainwright were holding each other hands in New Orleans. Nothing romantic or sensational had taken place between the two at that point and time as per the sources. But their presence with each other and such physical connections silently means a lot. Is not it? It may be an act of complete innocence but you never know.

It’s a crowded setting means they were not alone. They were in a balcony with each other and there were many others. The shooting of the film is going on. They were also having a look at the shooting, in between they were glancing at each other but nothing special took place. It seems everything was cool, nothing special and they were just hanging out with each other.

The video that has gone viral has shown it differently but as per the people who were present there; their meeting was quite normal and natural. To be true they also have their friends there and the whole team of the crew was also present.

But it is not the case that there is an open balcony in New Orleans and you are getting famous. We have witnessed many occasions where our favorite stars open up about their personal lives slowly. Are we going to get engaging news soon? Neither of them has said anything officially about their hang out but stay in touch with us for the latest updates.


 It becomes a matter of concern for the fans and followers of Hollywood that what their favorite stars are doing in their personal lives. This is the only medium they get from where fans get the news of their loved stars. And do you know they are always eager to get the latest gossip in the industry? So as a fan stays tuned with us and get the most updated and personalized information about your Hollywood stars.

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