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How to Plan and Write an Essay

Written by Jimmy Rustling

How do you write your college essays? Is there any set way you can stick to in order to get the highest mark for an essay? Are there any reasons why so many students fail their writing assignments? And what can you do with all of that information?

Of course, there is no one specific way, which every student should follow with their essays at college. You can express yourself as you feel it in your assignments. But if you want to get more than just an average piece of writing and an average grade from a teacher, you have to stick to some general writing rules. And we’re not talking about formatting and style only. We’re talking about the way you compose your essay, the way you structure and plan it. That is a core for a good result. To learn to write well you have two options. A short one is by applying to a professional writing service for a qualified assistance. And a longer one is about applying the tips, which we’re going to talk about below, in practice.


If you prefer the second option, keep reading. We have some interesting information to share.

5 Tips on Planning and Writing an Essay

Sometimes writing a decent essay comes naturally to a student. But it is a rare example, when a student can compose a great paper without knowing what exactly and how exactly should be composed. So, we don’t recommend risking your grades, trying to figure out whether writing a decent essay can come to you naturally as well.

If you’re talented in this field, specifically, you can miss the recommendations below. But if an ordinary essay assignment can cause nothing except wonderful but chaotic ideas in your head, keep reading. You have to learn to organize those ideas into a structured work in order to create logically tied paragraphs, which express your opinion as accurate and clear for a reader as possible.

First of all, the result of the essay depends on the question very much. If you understand the topic, you understand which direction to move on with your writing. So, start with understanding the topic. If you already think that the topic is too difficult for you to dip into it even more, don’t start writing until you’re sure you know exactly what is asked to be discussed in your essay. Have a clear vision of what you have to write about.



  1. Planning. Even if you think you have no time for planning, never start writing without having at least a 3-4-point plan. Having 5-10 minutes for writing a plan is already better than composing an essay by writing down your ideas in a random, chaotic way. You need an outline. Even a plan of several keywords relevant to the question is better than nothing.
  2. Be relevant. Relevance is literally everything for a decent essay. If you’re not relevant to the question you have, your essay won’t get the highest mark even if you’re the best writer in the university. Answer the question, which is asked to be answered. The easiest way to do it is by rewording the question you have. Start your paper with it.
  3. Create a list of «essay synonyms» in advance. If you want to write every essay assignment faster than you do it now, prepare a huge list of synonyms, which you can use to replace the frequently used words. Have loads of different words for «suggest», «suppose», «highlight», «show», etc. Switch from one word to another to bring your paper to the next level.
  4. Stick to a structure. Pick a 5-paragraph essay structure as a base: introduction, three parts of the body paragraph, and conclusion. An introduction is what you shouldn’t spend too much time on. Don’t get stuck on the introductory part for too long. The topic should be fully covered in the body paragraph. For an introduction, use a hook technique.
  5. Citations. There are two main problems many students face in their essays – either too many quotes or no quotes at all. It is very important to include a quote to support or oppose your opinion. Having no quotes in your essay is not the best decision ever. But when you insert a quote, make sure you stick to the structural requirements of your assignment.

And the last but not the least, don’t be afraid of the feeling of not being prepared enough. Students are never 100% prepared to write a whole essay about a particular topic or question.

So, calm down and follow the recommendations we’ve discussed in the article. This will help you to gather your thoughts and ideas to create a worthy and profound piece of writing. So visit

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