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Live to the full: top 10 things that you absolutely must do in life

Written by Jimmy Rustling

Every time I do my assignment I think about the fact that life goes on, but I have not done much yet. Life is a beautiful moment, which passes before our eyes almost imperceptibly. Planning and living to the fullest, allows you to enjoy experiences that nourish your soul and fill you with satisfaction. Enjoy until you cry of laughter is a way to express feelings and express fullness, but then you notice the bags under eyes. Enjoy healthy, commit crazy many times, live unrepeatable and unforgettable moments, are some satisfaction that we come to experience in life and worth doing. Regardless of the activity that you dedicate to your life, there are always things you would like to do before you die, here we leave you ten things that have undoubtedly been on your list:


10 things that you absolutely must do in life

1 Travel to the places you want to know, do not stay with the desire; feel the satisfaction of visiting the largest cities in the world, get to the place you’ve always wanted to know, it’s an excellent feeling. Travel and enjoy beautiful landscapes and appreciate the wonder of nature is an invaluable experience.


2 – Get your university degree, feel the satisfaction of having achieved your academic degree after so many sleepless nights, a lot of work, is one of the greatest pleasures that a person experiences, that personal achievement fills you with value and recognition.


3 – Fall in love; Surely you can fall in love several times in your life, remember that there are several types of love and each one gives you a different experience. They are special moments, full of illusions, adventure, incredible moments. Fall in love as many times as your life allows, in love, there is no distinction, it just comes and you must enjoy it.


4 – Be thankful; to feel gratitude before God for the right things and also for the bad ones, for the acquired experience. Recognition helps your environment become full of positive energy, and good things come more easily into your life. It is a pleasant feeling, saying thank you and that the other person feels valued and vital, activates the law of attraction and good things come quickly to you.


5 -Dismiss negative people from your life; Avoid toxic friends, kindly tell those people who negatively influence your life, that you have a different vision of life and that you do not have time to stray from your path. When you move away from negative people, your life improves.


6 – Get drunk, everyone at some point happens to us, even with the sweetest and innocent drink, without realizing it, suddenly you will get up, and you are defeated. The unpleasantness of this adventure is the hangover symptoms, when you do not find where to get and you do not want to get out of bed, you want a bowl of soup and be alone.


7 – Help the needy, you can help an old man cross the street, a pregnant lady to carry a heavy bag or if you see a friend overwhelmed with academic assignments and told you; write my essay for me, you can do it, it’s a way to help.


8- Read many books; read books that instruct you, that contribute to your knowledge, and help you to be a better person every day. Read personal growth books are a great help and motivation, try to be recognized professionals.

Write at least one book in your life, when you write you leave part of your feeling, impart knowledge and help other people to have an idea of orientation in their life, it makes you feel liberated and useful. It’s amazing how right we have inside to teach the new generations put it into practice and contributes to forming a better world; the easiest way is through a book.

9 – Enjoy the sunrise and sunset at the edge of the beach. The dawn facing the immensity of the sea is a unique experience, your sight is lost, and your soul relaxes immensely. At such moments you understand that life is beautiful and ideas come to your mind that you want to pay into life.

10 – Make a prank that you enjoy, without causing harm to another person. When we were little when we left school, we used to play bells on the houses and run as big causes more daring pranks, but it is essential to be careful that our antics do not have negative consequences for other people.

We all have something that we would like to do in our lives, do not stop and fulfill that dream, even if it seems insignificant, it is essential for you since it is a desire that in doing it, will give you satisfaction.

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