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Roles of a Maid of Honour

Written by Jimmy Rustling

As a maid of honour, you have a lot of roles to play to get your friend’s wedding running smoothly. You are responsible for a few things and it is a great idea to get yourself acquainted and familiar with these roles before anything else.

Here is a list of things you need to do:

Double checking

Help the bride-to-be get all preparations in order. Contact the caterer and wedding planner to make sure they’ve got everything under control.


The bride-to-be needs a lot of her friends and relatives to support her. She will need you, especially, to advise her on everything. Be available and ready to help her. Sometimes she just needs a soundboard to get her ideas out in the open.

Help to choose a pre-wedding gift

One of the few things she will need advice on is the pre-wedding gift that she exchanges with the groom before she marches down the aisle and takes her vows. Help her choose the perfect gift. You can suggest giving her soon-to-be husband a designer watch with an embossing at the back or you can suggest that she should give him a fingerprint ring. This is a ring that is engraved with her fingerprint pattern, so the ring will sure to be unique. This gives the groom something to hold on to forever. Fingerprint rings UK retailers sell are becoming a popular gift nowadays, so it is really a great idea to suggest to the bride.

Help to choose wedding colours

To get your friend’s wedding perfect, she might need some advice on what colours and what theme her big day is going to have. Help her choose the perfect one. Advise her to go for the simple and classic: cream, white, gold, and silver. But don’t go too stark. Add a bit of her personal style too. Add a splash of colour by combining creams with different hues of her favourite colour like blues, greens, yellows or reds. This will liven up the wedding.

Help to choose a wedding cake

The wedding cake will be a centrepiece of the wedding reception, so it has to be as perfect as everything else. Think out of the box and go beyond the traditional white wedding cake. Suggest a cake with a chocolate coating and use real fruits instead to decorate it. You can also suggest having individual mini-cakes/cupcakes served to guests. Go rectangular-shaped or octagon-shaped instead of round.

Help to choose a wedding dress

Your friend will be fitting her wedding dress and she will need a keen eye to help her out with the details. Give her some suggestions to make the dress more unique and in-style.

Smooth nerves

No bride goes through her big day without pre-wedding jitters. Keep her calm and support her throughout the ceremony.

Play hostess

You are an important part of the wedding because you get to play hostess a lot of times throughout the whole wedding. Getting the guests in their seats and stepping in to tie up loose ends is part of your job.

Organise the bachelorette party

Give her a night to remember to celebrate her last days as a single woman. Organise a wild party with all her close friends and enjoy the freedom while it lasts.



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