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Steps to Getting a Great Auto Leasing Deal

Written by Jimmy Rustling

Leasing has become very popular because of the many advantages that are associated with it. And, getting the cheapest lease deals is very easy if you have good knowledge about the complete process. When leasing, it is very important to select a car that holds its value and at an affordable rate. Here are useful steps to guide you in the process of leasing.

Research the best cars to lease

The best car to lease is one that holds its value.  When leasing, you are charged according to the rate of depreciation together with some interest and taxes.  It is therefore important to select a car that depreciates less. Therefore, the total lease payment will be lower. To identify these vehicles, most leasing companies advertise these cars as having the best residual value. The higher the residual value, the better the car is.

Get Quotes

Quotes assist in a number of ways. Firstly, you will be able to evaluate different deals from different dealers, thus getting the chance to select the most affordable for you.  Secondly, you will be able to have a figure that you can use to calculate the cost of leasing and budget for the same.  However, do not make a decision that is only based on price. Different dealers might charge differently for the same type of a car because it has improved features such as leather seats. Remember not to mention that you are leasing, but ask for the sale market value of the car.

Find a reputable dealer

A good dealer will help you select the vehicle that best suits your needs. It is good to find a leasing company that has been in operation for a considerable length of time.  Most reputable companies partner with financial institutions in order to come up with good leasing deals. One simple way to find a good company is researching online. You will be able to read reviews and spot dealers who have good working relations with clients.

Enquire about the leasing payments and procedures

It is very important to be specific about the period of time you wish to lease the car and the approximate mileage you think you will cover every year. Also, enquire about the interest rates and any other charges you are expected to cover.

Complete the paperwork and make payments

When completely convinced that you have found the perfect deal, it is time to close it. Before signing any agreement, make sure you check everything that was agreed on.  Be aware of all the fees included and what they cater for. If there is anything you don’t understand clearly, ask your dealer to explain further. You can then sign the deal and make the necessary payments.

During the leasing period, make sure the scheduled routine maintenance of the car is done at the proper time. It is good to ensure that the car is also insured. Take extra care of the car to avoid the penalties for excess wear and tear when returning it to the dealer.


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