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The Wedding Planning Checklist

Written by Jimmy Rustling

When you start to plan your wedding, it can be very overwhelming with all of the things that you need to consider. Imagine getting to the big day only to realise that you forgot to organise one of the most important things! This is why we have put together a checklist of some of the things that you need to think about when planning your wedding. Of course, we won’t include everything, but you should find a few helpful tips to get you started. Keep reading to find out more.

Your Budget

Before you get started on any of the planning, you need to work out your budget. Never start buying things before you are sure of exactly how much you have to spend. If someone else is helping you out with the cost of your wedding, then you need to know exactly how much they are going to contribute. Make sure to write everything down and then you can start with viewing locations and buying that dream dress.

The Officiant

Getting married in the church that you have been attending all of your life? Then you’ll probably already have the priest or minister sorted out. Otherwise, you might need to think carefully about who is going to take on the responsibility of taking the ceremony. You’ll need to choose someone with the proper qualification to do so to ensure that you are legally married.

 The Transport

One of the most exciting parts of your wedding day will be when you are on the way to the church or the venue. This is why you should consider splashing out a little on your wedding car to ensure that you ride in style. Make sure to take a look at some of the Wedding cars Worcestershire has to offer as you will be really impressed with the quality of the service and you’ll look great as you drive through the streets with a suited chauffeur.

Save The Dates

Getting your wedding invitations right is very important and sometimes people leave it too late to send them out meaning that their guests can’t make the big day. This is why you should consider purchasing some save the date cards that will have the basic information on them to make sure that your guests will keep themselves free. You don’t have to spend so long on these and so you can send them out pretty quickly.

The Cake

Found your dream wedding cake bakery? Then you need to book your cake in right away. It is very likely that if you love the cakes from a certain bakery then other couples will too. Bakers can only make so many cakes at once, so you need to make sure that this is planned and ordered well in advance to ensure that you get exactly what you want when you want it. Visit a few different bakeries and do some taste tests. This way you can get this part sorted before it gets too late.


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