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A dehydrated Kim Kardashian really wants us to know how hard she’s been working on her booty

Written by Jimmy Rustling

Kim Kardashian has been pretty proud of her body as of late

And while many might think it rather uncouth to parade around in a tiny thong bikini to show off said pride in body aethetics, Kim has once again shown the haters she really DGAF if you’re not picking up what she’s putting down.

Case in point: a recent beach photoshoot in Miami, which saw the mother-of-three don a sheer white tank and a teeny tiny fluro pink thong.

And she worked it. She worked it hard.

Evidently proud of her hard work squatting in the gym and working on those glutes, she pranced around the beach in the US on Friday as a photographer followed her, snapping away at every move.

Working up a thirst, the entrepreneur stopped by a water fountain to re-hydrate in anything but a nonchalant way.

Perhaps not the most water-wise way of grabbing some h2O, the 37-year-old stood far back from the bubbler as the sweet, sweet water went all over the place – hardly a drop landing in her mouth.

Of course this was all for the aesthetics, as the snapper caught it all on camera.

Really, anything for the shot.

That was before she donned a pair of futuristic and sporty specs for another round of photos on the sand as she just waltzed about the beachfront as curious punters watched on

While the reality star most recently sported a short, black bob, her hair extensions were back in full force, as a long pony tail caught the full brunt of the sea breeze.

And what can we say? Woman knows her angles and she knows them well.

She was surrounded by her glam crew, hinting there may be more to these shots, in the form of a professional spread, perhaps. Or it’s just a really, super extra Instagram session. In the world of Kardashian, anything is possible.

It all came as the siren was in town for the wedding of 2 Chainz, as she appeared at the nuptials alongside husband Kanye West.

Wearing the same Dior sunglasses as this here shoot, Kim followed the fluro brief of beach shoots past as she wore a bright green gown to the event.

Her appearance and subsequent shoot came after Kim was trolled for her appearance in the latest Yeezy campaign.

While laying on a bed, very awkwardly, may we add, in a two-piece and a pair of Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Butter trainers, she was boiled down to a meme by the haters as they compared her to everything from a Toy Story character to a Twister competitor.

Kim’s position reminded one quick-witted Twitter user of Woody from the Pixar classic, as they wrote: ‘Toys when Andy walks in the room,’ referring to the animation’s characters pretending to be stationary.

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