Escort Myths and the Truth Behind Them

Written by Jimmy Rustling

There are many misconceptions about escorts. People who do not know much about the industry make judgements that are far from the truth. To straighten some of these things out and to give you more information about the escort service industry, here are some myths and the truth behind them.

Escorts are alcohol and drug addicts

While some use drugs and alcohol, many escorts are sober. Yes, they may drink, but they do it responsibly. Escorts, especially those that work for an agency, are trained, and they offer their services professionally. They will not be able to do that if they are high on drugs or drunk.

They are classless

A high-end escort is educated and smart. You can take her to any party, occasion or event, and you will be proud to have her by your side. She will carry herself with class, and she will be able to converse well with people. Cheap London escorts will give you the best company and satisfying sex.

They are a product of abuse

Not everyone working in the sex industry is a product of violence or abuse. Escorts have various reasons why they take this type of job. Some enjoy having sex more than the average individual, so working in this field will satisfy their sexual cravings and at the same time allow them to earn a good amount of money.

Escorts will do everything

Not all escorts can do everything that you ask of them. They also have limits. You must talk to them about your wants and their limits from the start so that you will know how to set your boundaries and expectations. Also, it will help you decide if you wish to proceed to hire a specific escort or find another one. Respect their limitations and don’t push them to do something that they do not want to do, or else, you will be blocked by the service provider or by the entire agency.

Their clients are bad men

Escorts meet with all types of clients. However, they have the choice to refuse an offer if they are not comfortable providing their service to the person. While there are bad guys that use their services, there are also men whom many people might consider good or normal, like happily married ones. Average clients are between the ages of 40 and 50, and as mentioned, many of them are known to be in a good marriage.

They have sexually transmitted diseases

There is always the risk of acquiring an STD in the sex industry, which is why it vital to practice safe sex. However, not everyone has this disease. Escort agencies require their girls to pass health checks to make sure that they are free from STDs.

They are stuck in the sex industry

Some people think escorts will grow old in the business. Some use their work as a stepping stone to a better future or career. They have a plan as they know that they cannot be in this field forever.

If you decide to hire an escort, make sure to hire one in line with your needs and budget. Also, be sure to treat her with respect.

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