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Paul Horner: Internet News Satirist, Writer, Comedian, Performance Artist & Fake News Spokesman

Paul Horner: Internet News Satirist, Writer, Comedian, Performance Artist & Fake News Spokesman
Written by newsexaminer

The following is a personal journal of mine with articles that were written about me in the past 20 years, since one of my first legal battles, one of them being Microsoft when I was a teenager to a crazy night in Thailand, waking up in a bath tub filled with ice and a missing kidney but a really friendly, well-written apology letter taped to the wall next to me and money for breakfast. It was a recommendation for a local diner and I ended up giving that restaurant five stars on Yelp. So, go on, feel free to read my life story, and enjoy! There is a lot of stuff out there that I don’t know about or have not posted. If you know of anything good to add, please feel free to send me a link. Also, when reading the following, I think it is important to keep an open mind and also understand that everything doesn’t have to be satire or like “The Onion“. I write political humor, comedy, hoaxes, factual articles etc etc etc. I write stories with a purpose and things that I feel passionate about. The stuff I write was always called hoaxes, pranks, satire and shenanigans, but now with the whole “fake news” epidemic going on out there, I’m now lumped into just that single category. Personally, I think everything that is happening right now is a great thing. With Donald Trump calling everything he doesn’t like “fake news” and me doing what I’m doing, the general public is finally waking up to the reality of fake news and the importance of fact checking and questioning reality. That was always a goal for me when I started out doing this, so now that all of this is actually happening, I’m really happy. Plus I have no competition when it comes to “fake news”, I am the kingpin of this industry! If the The Sinaloa Cartel did fake news, they would be afraid of me. Follow me on Facebook and Twitter! I love some of you!

Wikipedia calls me an “Internet news satirist and writer”, and I like that, so that’s the reason for that part of the title of this thing.

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