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4 Beginner Mistakes To Avoid When Consuming Cannabis

Written by Jimmy Rustling

Cannabis has been around for thousands of years. However, for a long time, it has been banned in many regions. Today, many countries and states have legalized it for the recreational and medicinal purposes it claims to offer.

The most common cannabinoids in this plant are tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). The former causes mind-altering effects, while the latter doesn’t. These two may help treat pain, nausea, insomnia, inflammation, and anxiety. They’re also believed to enhance a person’s mood, improve relaxation, and reduce stress.

If you’d like to try cannabis for recreational or medicinal purposes, clarify if consuming this plant is allowed in your state or country. If it is, there are some mistakes you should avoid as a beginner to have a great experience with cannabis. Below are four you must know abou

  1. Losing Terpenes Through Excessive Heat

You may start using cannabis by vaping or dabbing. In this case, avoid using high temperatures. This is because you might lose essential elements like terpenes. These chemical compounds provide the flavor and aroma of cannabis. There are several types of these components, all of which have their own benefits. For instance, linalool may reduce stress, myrcene might promote relaxation, and limonene is thought to have cancer and anxiety-fighting properties.

Usually, most manufacturers know the value of these components. Therefore, they understand that curing changes the terpenes. They also know that exposure to environmental factors like heat, light, and humidity can have the same effect. So, they’re careful during the production, preservation, and other processes to maintain terpenes.

In some instances, novice cannabis users don’t fully experience the potential benefits of terpenes. In most cases, it’s because they use excessive heat when dabbing or vaping. So, when using these cannabis consumption methods, check the terpene profiles in a product first, and avoid heating over their boiling points.

  1. Taking A High Dose

Another common mistake many beginners make is taking high doses. Regardless of your preferred consumption means, too much cannabis leads to unpleasant side effects. You may have heightened anxiety, paranoia, poor coordination, a rapid heart rate, nausea, vomiting, or panic attacks.

After such a bad experience, you may give up on the plant, missing out on the benefits you initially wanted to enjoy. So, if it’s your first time consuming cannabis through smoking, vaping, dabbing, applying, taking edibles, or using patches, consult specialists. They’ll advise you on what to start with and the right dosage to consider. It’s best to begin with smaller amounts. As your body adapts, you can adjust your intake.

Also, take cannabis moderately. For example, if you’re eating an edible, it may take half or one hour to start feeling the effects, but sometimes even two hours. On the other hand, it might take 2-10 minutes if you’re vaping or smoking.

So, depending on your consumption method, don’t feast on too much because you haven’t felt any effects. Instead, take small doses and wait before the next puff, pill, or edible. If you’ve had too much cannabis, there are several ways to sober up. Try relaxing, drinking water, sleeping, or eating citrus fruit like lemon.

  1. Poor Storage

Properly stored cannabis can last for a half or full year. If you have a surplus, keep the extra amount in a favorable environment. Moisture will encourage mold and mildew growth, too much light might degrade your cannabis, and excessive heat may make it brittle. It’s advisable to store your surplus in an airtight container to protect it from moisture. Also, a cool and dark area will prevent exposure to too much heat and light.

Providing a favorable environment for cannabis ensures it lasts longer. Additionally, you’ll preserve its potency, flavor, aroma, and quality.

  1. Not Knowing The Suitable Strain

As a beginner, you should find a strain suitable for you. Basically, sativa and indica are the two main categories of cannabis, which have different effects. The former will give you a ‘head high’ that’s energizing and more psychoactive. On the other hand, indica makes you feel more relaxed. That said, you won’t only see pure sativa or indica cannabis strains in the market. You’ll find hybrids giving an effect that feels like a mixture of both.

You may not react well to taking some strains as a beginner. Therefore, ask an experienced friend or a specialist what may be best to start with. In most cases, you may be advised to consider indica first because it don’t cause psychoactive effects.

Even so, people don’t have the same experiences with strains. So, you can try different ones in moderate amounts to find out how you react. This way, you’ll discover something suitable for you.

Final Thoughts

You may want to try cannabis to experience its potential benefits. First, check if consuming it is allowed in your country or state. If it is, this article provides some beginner tips to have a better first-time experience with cannabis.

As advised, you shouldn’t use excessive heat when vaping or dabbing to preserve and fully enjoy terpenes. It’s also best to avoid high doses regardless of your preferred consumption method. Additionally, ensure proper storage of cannabis to maintain its quality, flavor, aroma, and potency. Lastly, try different strains moderately to find one that suits you.


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