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4 FAQs that People Have Before Using a Home Paternity Test

When questions arise regarding the identity of your child’s father, a paternity test is the best way to get the answer. A paternity test is among the popular DNA tests that you can do in the comfort of your own home. It is a test conducted to prove whether a man is the biological father of a child in question.

Find out more info about the home paternity test. Below are four common questions that most people have before using a home paternity test kit for the first time.

How many children can I test using the kit?

The home paternity test kit comes with enough materials to test three people- the child, the mother, and the possible father. You can choose to test your other child with the mother’s swab, since her participation is optional. It is important to inform the lab of these changes so that they can properly process your tests.

What is the meaning of my results?

People often choose to get their results via their secure online accounts. Results are not given via phone call because of several security reasons. You can also request the lab to mail you a hard copy of the home paternity test report.

Accreditation guidelines state that all paternity test reports are written out in legal language. This may be challenging for you to understand when you first get the results. Fortunately, we have provided a guide for you to understand the meaning of your results.

IS NOT EXCLUDED means that the man who took the test is considered the child’s biological father. This shows that the test identified a 99.9% biological child/parent relationship.

IS EXCLUDED means that the man is not the child’s biological father because they do not share any biological child/parent DNA.

When should I expect my results?

After taking your home paternity test and paying the required fee, you should get the results within 1-2 days if you’re opting for online results. Some labs do not work on weekends and this may delay your results a bit. Therefore, it’s best to do your test and submit your samples on weekdays to get the results faster.

In some instances, your results may be delayed by the lab. Examples of such cases are when the results are not conclusive and additional testing is needed, the samples presented are contaminated, the customer’s paperwork is incomplete, or you have not paid the full amount required for the DNA test.

How soon you get your results is also influenced by other factors, such as how long it took the lab to actually receive your samples to proceed with testing.

What comes in a home paternity test kit?

A home paternity test is easy to use and painless. You simply use a swab to collect saliva from your mouth, being that saliva offers an excellent source for collecting genetic material. The small sample collected using a swab offers a large amount of DNA for testing. This quick process is non-invasive and comfortable for everyone.

Looks like we’ve covered everything.

We hope that we’ve answered all of your questions and helped you to gain more insight into a home paternity test kit. Now you can confidently use the kit to find the answers you are looking for. Find out more information about where to get a home paternity test kit here.

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