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5 best free online Plagiarism Checkers for Students

Written by Jimmy Rustling

Plagiarism refers to using another person’s work as your own without giving any proper credit.

Plagiarism for students is a very serious offense.

Any teacher or a lecturer has the complete right to penalized a student on finding plagiarized content in their work.

To check the originality of the content, most of the students, content writers, teachers, and webmasters use plagiarism detector online tools.

These tools tell the exact copied content in the document and provide accurate results within a few seconds.

Almost every copyright checker tool uses the latest and unique algorithms to check content on a very large scale. Learn more here essay service review.

As a student, if you’re writing an assignment or a thesis work, make sure that all of your work must be original, unique, and copyright-free.

In this article, we’re going to discuss the best five free copyright detectors for students.

5 Best Free Online Plagiarism Checkers for Students


Prepostseo provides an excellent plagiarism checker that checks the originality of the content within no time.

This checker scans the entire document and matches it with different online resources to detect the copied content.

Simply paste the document into the checker or upload a file from the system as:

Also, if you want to find the copied content from a URL, simply press the “Exclude URL” and paste the link:

Here you also have an amazing option to scan the document in different languages.

Simply select the desired language from the options as:

This online plagiarism checker provides the following accurate results and it also provides:

  • The exact percentage of the plagiarized content
  • The actual percentage of the unique content
  • Paraphrased Match
  • Highlights the Matched Sources
  • Tells Readability and checks total word counts

Key Features:

  • Multiple Files: This free plagiarism checker supports different file formats like .dco, .doc, or .txt etc.
  • Chrome Extension: Prepostseo plagiarism detector provides an excellent Chrome Extension that helps students to quickly check work
  • Final Report: This detector generates the final report and allows you to download it in your systems in HTML or PDF formats.
  • Matched Sources: It highlights the matched sources and redirects you to the original source
  • Best Deep Search: This best copyright checker deeply scans the entire document to check the copied content.
  • Free and Secure: This plagiarism checker for students is completely free and 100% secure to use for any purpose.

The word limit of the free version of this checker is 1000 words for each search and buy its premium plan to check content in large quantity.

2.   SEOScrapers

It is also one of the finest online copyright detector tools used by students to scan their assignments for plagiarism.

Plagiarism for academics is a serious issue and a student can be terminated from a school or a college on submitting a single copied assignment.

To find the originality of the work, simply paste the document into the checker as:

This copyright finder shows the percentage of the matched content by using its unique algorithm.

Key Features:

  • Word Limit: The word limit for each search of this online tool is 2000 words.
  • Multiple URLs: It also allows you to the content from different websites.

Paste 1 URL on each line and it allows you to check up to 10 URLs at one time.

  • Entire Website Checker: This online tool will scrap the website for different pages with the copied content.

The free version of this online tool has a limit of up to 10 pages per website domain.

  • API Version: The API version of this online tool is also available for your app.

3.   1Text Copyright Checker

This online checker checks your content for free.

It provides accurate and perfect results of the copied content and also checks the grammar and spelling mistakes.

Simply copy and paste the document into the checker to get the best results as shown:

This online tool scans the complete document and displays the uniqueness of your work.

Key Features:

  • Grammar Check: This tool is widely used by students to check all the grammatical mistakes of the assignment or research paper.
  • Total Words: The online tool also calculates and displays the total characters and total words as well.
  • Spaces: It also displays all the excluded spaces of the document pasted in the checker.
  • Keyword Density: This 1Text copyright checker tool shows the exact keyword density of specific keywords in the document.
  • Uniqueness: The tool is famous for checking the uniqueness of the student’s assignment and research papers.
  • Matched Sources: It also shows all the matched sources of the document.

4.   Seotoolstation

This good online tool provides you with the latest copyright checker tool that scans the assignment or any other document to find the copied content.

Directly paste the data into the input box and check it for plagiarism as:

This tool also allows you to upload an assignment file from your computer system in .docx or .txt format.

It also offers you to directly check the content through a webpage.

For this, simply paste the URL into the input box as:

Key Features:

  • File Uploading: Allows you to upload multiple files directly from the computer system.
  • Word Limit: The free version of this online tool allows you to check 1000 words per each search to find duplicate content.
  • Copyright-Free: Students use this amazing tool to ensure that their assignments, journals, and research papers are submitted copied-free.
  • Unique Content: The tool shows the uniqueness of the content and tells the percentage of the unique content.

5.   PapersOwl

This online content checker tool by PaperOwl can be used to checks the originality of the student’s assignments and research paper.

Also, many webmasters and SEO experts use this online tool to detect the copied content.

Directly paste the Title and Content of the document in the checker to find the copyright content as shown:

Key Features:

  • Different Files: This online tool allows you to upload multiple files from the system.
  • Website Content: It also allows you to check the content of any website.
  • Real-Time Checking: This checker scan and detects the copyright content in real-time.
  • Simple to Use: The tool is completely free to use and easy to understand.

Final Words

We’ve mentioned above the 5 best online plagiarism checkers for students.

You can use one of these checkers to check the originality of the assignments, research papers, blogs, and other documents.

All of these online checkers use the latest and improved algorithms to scans and detects copyright content.

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