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5 Foolproof Ways to Compare Moving Companies

Written by Jimmy Rustling

Are you planning a relocation in the near future? Have you chosen a moving company to work with? Moving from one location to another is difficult. You must emotionally prepare yourself, but you must also take care of your possessions. It is not simple to relocate all of your belongings on your own. However, do not be concerned! There are many moving firms available on the market. However, selecting the proper moving company may be challenging. You should do some investigation and compare before selecting one.

The following are the top five methods for comparing various moving firms on the market and selecting the best one for you:

Explore testimonials

Nowadays, the majority of moving firms can be discovered on Yelp, Google Business, or other online directories, and these listings often allow for – and encourage – client evaluations. Thus, your first step in doing a review search will be to Google local movers that specialize in long distance moving, and your second step will be to read customer reviews carefully.
If you discover that a business has mainly positive ratings except for a few negative ones, inquire directly with the company about what occurred. If their responses please you, you may trust the overwhelming majority of positive evaluations.

Contrast moving company estimates

To begin comparing professional movers, you must first get accurate pricing quotes from them. No, we are not talking about obtaining estimates over the phone or through email (avoid these methods of cost estimating) – we are talking about inviting expert movers to visit your house in person to do a visual examination of the items you want to relocate.

Notably, the only method to compare moving business costs is to do such in-home surveys that result in the provision of precise cost estimates. Experiential movers – representatives of the various moving firms – will pay a visit to your house on a day and time that are mutually agreeable.

The surveyors will examine any home goods you are transporting – they will be particularly interested in things that need special packaging and handling attention, such as big furniture, antique furniture, grandfather clocks, and pianos. Additionally, they will look for potential issues on the day of the move, such as lengthy flights of stairs, an inoperable elevator, tight staircases, narrow corridors, or – most often – tiny doors.

And after the in-home inspections are complete and you have multiple written cost estimates in hand, you can begin comparing the various movers, beginning with their moving costs and services.

Cost comparisons for moving companies

The first thing you are going to notice about your movers estimates is the pricing. You will want to spend as little as possible to have your belongings relocated, so you are likely to start with the lower cost estimates.

Naturally, cost will be a consideration in determining which mover you select. When relocating locally, the cost of the move will be computed hourly. When moving a long distance, the price is often set and is determined by the distance traveled, the overall weight of the goods being moved, extra services, and other secondary pricing-determining variables.

Pose the appropriate questions

In the scenario above, you may discover that one moving company quotes you much more than the others. In this instance, contact the business directly to ascertain the reason. Perhaps the quote includes insurance, while other businesses do not?

If a business just costs more than others, you must determine if it is right for you or not. However, there are more things to ask that will assist you in determining which long distance movers are the best:

  • Are they licensed properly?
  • What kind of liability insurance do you provide?
  • How will your business manage any crises that may arise during the relocation?
  • How long will the relocation process take?
  • Are there any limitations on the items I may bring?
  • Is the quotation inclusive of packing or is it limited to moving?
  • Are there any concealed charges that I should be aware of?

Make a note of everything

If you are going to the trouble of asking around, reading reviews, comparing pricing estimates, and contacting long distance movers, you owe it to yourself to jot down your findings. A spreadsheet program like Excel or Google Sheets is an excellent method to keep track of all the information you discover, including pricing quotations and all the responses to your well-thought-out inquiries. This may be tough if you are not a list person, but it may be worthwhile to have all the information on various moving firms on one page.


Now that you are familiar with the many factors to consider when comparing moving firms, what are you waiting for? Make no mistake, you must choose a moving company as soon as you decide to relocate. To conduct an effective analysis, you must compare several businesses. Each business has its own mix of advantages and disadvantages. Choose a business only if it fits your objectives. You must follow your intuition and get started!

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