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5 Valuable Lessons No One Tells College Grads Entering the Workforce

Written by Jimmy Rustling

Finding your first job after college is exciting. It may be the first piece of the corporate of the ladder for a longed-for career, or it may be the first step to moving in a completely different direction. To help you to make the most of your new position, we’ve put together five valuable things that will help you when entering the workforce.

Don’t Worry About Finding the Perfect Job

College graduates are often under a great deal of pressure to land the perfect job. There’s a feeling that if you make the wrong choice, your career will be ruined from the start. Instead of trying to find the ultimate first job, focus on what this employment can bring you in terms of learning, opportunities, training, and career development. If you are in a position where you feel challenged, are learning new things and growing professionally, you have made the right decision.

Seek Out Those Who Make You Better

Many young professionals find that their careers stall because they surround themselves with the wrong people. Don’t let this happen to you. Seek out strong friends who will encourage you in your new position, offer you support, and hold you accountable. They could be your peers or more senior colleagues but the thing they have in common is that they’re doing well in their careers. These are the people who will challenge you to produce great work and exceed expectations.

Take Opportunities to Network

You’re likely to spend a lot of time at the office so if you want to get ahead, it’s good to take some time to network. Rather than do this exclusively at your workplace, look for another location such as a restaurant or a café where you can meet colleagues and peers more informally. Here, you’ll be able to build relationships and network with like-minded people from both in and outside of your workplace.

Get Your Finances in Order

Landing your first job after college often means getting a decent salary too. However, it’s important not to go too wild and spend everything you earn. Setting yourself up with decent financial habits now will pay dividends in the long term. Create a workable budget and stick to it. Put some money away for emergency savings and invest in funds for retirement. If you have graduated from college with student loans, you may want to look at refinancing your existing loans into a new loan to try and lower your monthly expenses. You can then redirect the money you save into savings or investments for the future.

Pause Before You Send Emails

Most of us are guilty of sending an inappropriate message when under the influence of alcohol. While you think that this is not going to happen at work, it’s all too easy to send an email with inappropriate content or to send it too soon or to the wrong people. So be sure to pause before you send any work email. Double-check the content and the recipients. Always ensure that any emails you send are clear, concise, relevant, and professional. Once an email has been sent, it can’t be retrieved, and it will leave a permanent virtual paper trail.

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