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6 Accessories Men Need

Written by Jimmy Rustling

When many people think about men’s fashion, they mostly imagine some staples like shoes, slacks, button-ups, and jackets. But, men’s fashion is ever-evolving, and it doesn’t have to be boring or simple. More and more men realize the importance of accessorizing their outfits, sometimes subtly and sometimes with more of a statement, because jewelry and other accessories aren’t just for women – they’re for everyone. Carefully selected elements pull together a look. They can send a message about who you are through your clothing.

So, if you want to improve your wardrobe game, you’ll want to ensure you’re staying current with trends in men’s fashion, including accessories. From genderless jewelry to classic men’s shoes, here are some of the accessories you should add to your closet.

1 A Gender Neutral Ring

When thinking about jewelry for men, most people only imagine traditional men’s wedding bands. Men can find a plethora of well-made, high-quality rings to wear for daily use. It’s not just married men who can wear them! For more choices of rings, you can visit Jewlr.

Gender-neutral rings are a big trend for 2023. These rings forego stereotypes about what rings should look like for both men and women. So, while men’s bands were typically simple and tough-looking and women’s featured enormous jewels, these gender-neutral bands combine elements of both.

They are often created with unique colors and materials and feature inlaid designs and gemstones.

2 Dress Shoes In Different Colors

Even if you’re the type of guy who prefers sneakers to dress shoes, it’s still practical to have a couple pairs in your closet. This way, if you ever have a professional event or a date, you’ve got something else to wear. While sneakers can be mixed and matched with some professional looks, sometimes you need to take things up a notch to look more refined. Italian dress shoes for men online offer a wide array of options, from classic black to rich brown hues, ensuring you’ll find the perfect pair to complement different suits.

It’s best to own at least one black pair of dress shoes and one brown pair, so you’ll have something to go with different suits.

3 A Quality Pair of Sunglasses

Another essential men’s accessory is sunglasses. While you may have a few pairs for different purposes or activities, consider adding at least one option that’s of higher quality. A good pair of sunglasses can pull a look together, especially in the summer when you’re not adding a jacket or other layer.

4 A Weekend Travel Bag

Many men find that they don’t need to take much with them on vacation, but this doesn’t mean you should just throw everything into an old duffel bag. Instead, invest in a good weekender bag. If you go with a brand that uses durable materials and features a sleek design, you’ll be able to use the bag on trips and vacations for years to come, and you’ll look better doing so.

5 A Simple Chain Necklace

Because jewelry is for everyone, add more pieces to your collection with a chain necklace or two. Depending on your personal fashion sense, you can go understated with a small braided chain or choose a more prominent option that’s harder to ignore.

A necklace with a pendant showcasing something you’re interested in also makes for a good conversation starter.

6 A Pen

Having a pen on you is all-around useful. You’ll be able to write down anything at a moment’s notice, and others around you will appreciate your preparedness. But, to make a pen an accessory, ensure you’re not just buying a pack of cheap options from a store. Instead, get a well-designed, durable pen that you can carry with you.

While these aren’t the only accessories men can utilize, they are some that can round out your outfits, whether for casual or professional wear. 

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