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9 Tips for Designing the Pool of Your Dreams

Written by Jimmy Rustling

So you want to build a pool. Maybe you’ve even been dreaming of this project for years. Now that you have the chance, you want to design the pool of your dreams and have the yard and activities you’ve always wanted.

But a lot goes into designing, planning, and building a pool. If you are like so many of us, you have an idea of what you want, but not as much of an idea of how to bring it to fruition, especially within a budget. That’s where some careful planning can help.

9 Tips for Designing the Pool of Your Dreams

On your own, and with the help of your pool builder, you can bring your dreams to life. Here are 9 tips for designing the pool of your dreams easily and successfully from the experts at Flōridian.

  1. Pick a Purpose

Chances are, you have some idea of what you want to use your pool for – exercise, lounging, relaxation, entertaining, etc. Identifying the purpose of your pool is the best place to start the design process. For example, if the goal is exercise, you don’t want a shallow round pool, you would want a deeper rectangular pool with room for swimming laps.

  1. Features

Now that you have your purpose, envision the features that you want most to have – maybe a sand bar area, a ramp, landscaping, a bar, heater, or lights. It is a good idea to incorporate these ideas into the design process so that you and your builders can take those into consideration now, or in the future.

  1. Property Restrictions

There are some property restrictions that result from zoning ordinances, and others that result from the terrain of your property. Identify any restrictions that may affect your design and the location of your pool. Take into consideration sunlight, shade, drainage, buried pipes or wires, etc. Talk to your zoning or code officer to find out what you need in the way of permits or safety features.

  1. Practicalities

It’s great to dream big for your pool project, but you still want a pool that is practical. Think about factors like ease of access from your home, where will you store pool materials, is the surrounding area safe for children? Considering factors like these as you design your pool will help with the overall picture.

  1. Set a Budget

Even if you have a clear vision of what you want, there’s really no way to estimate the costs without having a professional pool builder assess your design and property. Based on  your personal finances, set a budget goal you would like to stay within, then discuss your must-haves and optional features with your builder.

  1. Sketch it Out

Whether you do this or you have someone do it for you, having a sketch made of your pool design is a great way to envision what your final design will look like. It can also help identify problem areas and potential changes you want to make.

  1. Construction

Depending on your budget and overall design, the next step is choosing what material you want your pool made of. Concrete and gunite are two common choices, but many people also choose vinyl liners or fiberglass, which are less expensive. Discuss your thoughts on materials with your pool builder during the planning and design phase.

  1. Decking

Most homeowners who build a pool want some type of surrounding decking or walkways. There are many choices from stone to marble, mosaic tile, wood, or flagstone. As you finalize your design, consider what type of materials you want to see in your outdoor space.

  1. Privacy

Privacy is an important consideration when designing and building a pool. Fencing is the most popular way to add some privacy to your pool area, and it is also practical. Many areas require pools to be fenced and locked so that children and animals cannot accidentally enter the pool area and drown. There are many ways to make privacy barriers and fencing attractive, fitting into your overall design.

Now that you have made these design decisions, the next step is finalizing your sketch and budget with your pool builder. Once you feel confident in your design and budget, you are ready to get started breaking ground on your new pool.

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