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Air Conditioning Systems for Commercial Use Come in Different Types

Commercial properties, such as public spaces, large office buildings, cafés, shops, and malls, require air conditioning. These properties have different configurations and air cooling needs. Thus, air conditioning systems must meet those needs (find out more about our favorite air conditioner). With a variety of layouts and setups, air conditioning systems have different cooling and heating capacities.

Varied types

Commercial air conditioning systems have different configurations to fit the requirements of each property. While the specifications are almost limitless within each class, the main types include:

  • Single split system
  • VRV system
  • Multi-split system

The basic technology each type uses is the same, and their indoor units are either ceiling-mounted or wall-mounted. But since their applications differ, it is essential to find the best air conditioning system for your needs.

Single split system 

If you are looking for the most affordable system, you should choose this type. The single split system is suitable for small commercial buildings, where heating and cooling are distributed into individual rooms. This air conditioning system is a good solution for server rooms, small cafés, shops, and offices. A single split has one indoor unit and a corresponding outdoor unit.

You can use a few single split systems if you have multiple rooms and larger spaces, although you need a larger space for the outdoor units.

Aside from being the most affordable, the system is also cheaper than having a central air conditioning system. Moreover, each unit is self-contained. This means that even if one unit breaks down, the other units will still be in operation. If you have a central unit, once it breaks down, everyone will be affected. Single splits are energy-efficient and can be used for many small business applications.

Multi-split system 

Some larger offices, buildings, and businesses choose to install a multi-split air conditioning system, which works in almost a similar way as the single split. Depending on the model, a multi-split will use one outdoor unit and several indoor units. Most users install them in shops, doctor’s surgery clinics, and restaurants.

With a multi-split, you limit the number of outdoor units. If you do not have extra space or you want to preserve the building’s aesthetics, a multi-split is a good choice.

Likewise, you have options for the type of indoor unit you want to install. You can have wall-mounted air conditioning units, or choose ceiling-mounted models. It is possible to combine the indoor units depending on the requirement of the space. Another option is to install an air curtain over the establishment’s entrance.

But this type of air conditioning system needs more pipework, so the installation can take longer and cost more.

VRV system

VRV means variable refrigerant volume, the most suitable air conditioning system for medium to large installations, such as multi-functional buildings, larger offices, retail stores, and hotels.

It can efficiently deliver the cooling and heating requirements of larger buildings. The system is easy to control and extremely reliable. The installation time is shorter, so the disruption is minimal.

If you have open plan areas, the ideal solution is the heat pump VRV systems that can cool or heat the building at any time. On the other hand, there is also a VRV heat recovery system that can simultaneously cool or heat different areas or rooms. With the flexibility it offers, this VRV heat recovery system is very popular.

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