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Android Phones which has Great Value for Money in 2019?

It is a big deal to choose the best Android device for you. As the Android world is teeming with opportunities, varying from super-cost flagship phones to even more accessible versions that require certain measured sacrifices, to smartphones specially designed for, say, beautiful photos.

What do You Want in a Phone, Android?

Although most smartphones can look almost the same, purchasing one is a rather personal experience. People often have unique requirements, a different schedule, including personal tastes. You may need to navigate safe corporate email, including files with a mobile that operates across the globe on many networks. Or you could spend your whole life using Snapchat to chronicle your life. Well said, both devices have significant features to test until you make a purchasing decision. Here are a few of the features which usually people look for before choosing the phone;

  • Display

The high screen which has a heavy-resolution, iris-style displays (1920×1080 of tinier mobiles, 2650×1440 for smaller devices) because even great text becomes crisp but somewhat legible. Almost every flagship mobile has switched into an aspect ratio of 18:9, giving the screen more height and making it much easier to wear. When you glance at this from every perspective, you want to have a screen that shows colors correctly. The high contrast ratio with peak illumination under bright sunlight can make it much more comfortable and see.

  • Camera

Smartphone sellers always want to shout the megapixels, the portrait features of a device, but perhaps a two-lens and a large aperture (low f-stop amount like f/2.0 but as small as f/1.5 on heavy-end phones) will get you nowhere fast. Its sensor information, image processing unit, and camera code have an enormous impact on the perception of video and photo taking.

  • Processor & Memory

For simple tasks such as browsing the web, including social media, almost every mobile smartphone is good enough, and now nearly every luxury device uses that same CPU:  Snapdragon 845. And unless you intend to use your mobile for more complicated things such as 3D play, VR, including video editing, you don’t need a heavy-end CPU and lots of RAM. Nonetheless, it wouldn’t compromise with the best processor with less than 2GB of RAM and perhaps a Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 set. For more information, you can click on

  • Battery

Whenever a new poll was taken about what people expect from their next device, the top of that list is improved battery life. A mobile battery’s strength is calculated through milliamp-hours (mAh), varying from just below 3,000 mAh to almost 4,000 mAh. As a policy, it’s easier to have more mAh. Yet devices with larger sharper screens and more quad-core processors charge the battery quicker, smaller and more efficient equipment with a 2,500mAh battery could last more than that of a 3,300mAh heavy-end model. AI, including battery-saving modes, allows devices to work smaller and smaller. Don’t settle for something that doesn’t get you the whole day without looking for an escape.

  • Size and Weight

Several people are fond of big phones. Many people love small devices. Others want a lightweight mobile in the bag, usually want a little bulky. It’s a matter of personal preference. Also, 6-inch devices can comfortably carry in many other hands with diminishing bezels and shifting ratios. Go to the local carrier or appliance shop before you settle to test for fit on a few various models.

Chances are whatever mobile you choose, for at minimum two years you’re going to keep it. So now, we’ve picked the best Android device in several categories. Consult the overview list below and then click on each of them for information.

  1. T193 Blu Tank II Unlocked
  • Through 2G providers worldwide, like straight talk, secure phone, or any other network which only supports the 2G SIM card. Would not operate for 3G networks, not-mobile, only CDMA operators (Verizon, dash, improve, PagePlus).
  • Mediatek phone, 1900mAh big batteries, radio, mp3/mp4 player, Bluetooth: v3.0.
  • GSM cellular modem (1900/900/850/1800/) (SIM 1 and SIM 2).
  • Mediatek computer, 1900mAh primary battery, FM, mp3/mp4 playmaker, Bluetooth: v3.0.
  • Unlocked mobile phones are compliant with GSM networks, including AT &T including t-mobile but also GSM SIM cards (. h20, straight talk, and prepaid providers select).
  • Opened cell phones would not operate with the dash, Verizon, improve or virgin cell phones, simple talk USA.
  • Accuracy with quad band 2G (1900/900/850/1800/).
  1. BLU Advance A4 2019 Unlocked Dual SIM, 16GB–Black

Highlights for Product

  • Vivid 4.0 touch screen monitor.
  • 16GB inner storage 512MB RAM microSD up to 64GB, 1.3 GHz processor mali-400 video card processor.
  • Opened double SIM handset, android 8.1 Oreo (go version).
  • 5mp flashing primary camera + 2MP selfies camcorder.
  • GSM quad band, 3G (1700/850/1900) connectivity nationally for all GSM platforms including at and, MetroPCS®, t-mobile, straight cricket talk, and many others. Not compliant with Verizon, sprint, nor wireless power CDMA services.
  1. Factory Unlocked Mobile Blu Joy -2.4″
  • Users can quickly contact security, emergency or firefighters by pressing a button with either a constructed-in SOS app.
  • Constructed-in flashlight, mp3/mp4, FM radio including VGA camera.
  • Look to a user manual for further usage.
  • Unlocked double SIM senior mobile.
  • 4″ screen with a full numeric keyboard.
  1. Unlocked Dual SIM Blu Z5-GSM–Blue
  • Inner 32MB 32MB RAM microSD SATA connector up to the 32MBS.
  • Constructed-in FM sensor mp3 mp4 team flashlight.
  • Opened the double controller; 1.8″ exhibit 128 x 160 ~114ppi.
  • VGA phone 600mAh power supply.
  • GSM 1900/1800/850/900.
  1. Unlocked Smartphone BLU Vivo Go V2.0  16 Gigabyte+1GB RAM–Black
  • 8mp+vga flashlight or 5mp rear flash camera double 8mp+vga charger, energy-saving button and sensor reader.
  • New, improved operating systems; 6.0″ HD+18:9 curved screen.
  • 16-gigabyte internal storage one GB of RAM microSD up to 64 Mbps; 1.5GHz quad-core CPU.
  • 4G Wi-Fi tethering (28/17/12/4/3/2/1) 3G: (1700/1900/2100 900/850) connectivity nationally on all GSM platforms like ATT, t. Not CDMA-compatible (Verizon, sprint but phone boost).


Thus these are a few of the smartphones with their specifications. One can select from them according to the requirement.

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