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Benefits of Using Large Portable Storage Containers in Melbourne

Written by Jimmy Rustling

Doing a big project but hate lugging your things to the self-storage facility? Then, you should consider large portable storage containers in Melbourne. These containers come to you.

The best thing about this? Larger storage containers can fit a whole house’s worth of goods. More than enough for your project. Even better, despite their large size, they are still portable and easy to deliver.

Now that you know this option exists, let’s see what benefits you can get from using large portable storage containers.

Large Portable Storage Containers Benefits

1. Can Fit Your Whole House

Not literally the whole house, but your whole house’s worth of goods. That means, one container can hold most of your furniture, glassware, gadgets, and other knick-knacks. With that large a space, you don’t have to rent more containers.

Plus, the whole container can be easily transported, even after the things are loaded in. So, there is no hassle of going back and forth to the storage facility.

2. Delivered and Stored For You

All the large containers are portable, despite their size. Therefore, the company will deliver the containers to your house to be loaded. Then, after all the things are in, the company will collect the container and store it.

That is basically how portable storage works. However, there are some specific services that suit different needs which are;

  • Portable Serviced Storage

This is an end-to-end premium service for people who have busy schedules. You will get the best storage experience from this because the company will do all the heavy lifting for you.

You only need to make a booking via phone, then the company will deliver, load, and store the container for you.

  • Portable Self Storage

This service is quite similar to portable serviced storage. However, instead of letting the company pack and load your things for you, you do it yourself. The company will still deliver and store your container.

  • Portable Onsite Storage

If you want 24/7 access to your things, then choose this service. You will receive your container from the company, the same as the other two.

However, instead of arranging a container collection for storage, you store your container on your premises. You will have the key to the container so you can access it.

3. Cheap Prices Based on Sizes

Large portable storage containers are 50% cheaper than traditional self-storage facilities. All the prices are determined based on the sizes of the containers.

There are two sizes for large portable storage containers, which are 10ft and 20ft containers. 10ft containers can fit 3 bedrooms worth of things and are priced at $6.13 per day.

The largest container, 20ft containers, can fit a whole house’s worth of things and are priced at $8.56 per day.

4. Your Things Are Protected

Your things, along with the container, will travel before storage. During transit, there is bound to be bumping and jostling.

That’s why there are protection measures the company will take to prevent damage from happening to your things. These protection items are bubble wrap, furniture blankets, tie-downs, boxes, and packing paper.

All these items are shock-absorbent and will prevent damages. They are usually sold by the company to you. However, there are some companies that will give these for free. So, choose your company wisely.

5. Complete With Insurance

Even though there is thorough protection during transit and storage, the risk of damage still exists. So, companies will usually give you insurance coverage.

With this coverage, you will get your money back should your things be damaged when you collect them.

6. No Fixed-Term Contract

Not ready to collect your things after the initial agreement? No rush, because you are not bound by a contract.

Storage companies understand that sometimes your plans change and you need to prolong the rental period.

Therefore, there are no fixed-term contracts and the rental can be renewed every week. Hence, you won’t need to return the container before you are ready.

7. Secure Storage Facility

Storage facilities are usually armed with the usual security measures, such as CCTV cameras, constant staff monitoring, alarm systems, and padlocks.

The CCTV cameras are installed in strategic places to help staff monitor the area better. Plus, there are motion detector sensors connected to the alarm system. Hence, there will be an alert if suspicious activity happens.

As for padlocks, all storage containers will have a padlock. However, there are some companies who will offer padlock protectors to prevent attempts of padlock breaking.

Keep an eye on those companies because they are likely to take security more seriously.


Large portable storage containers are huge storage containers that can fit all the furniture, glassware, and gadgets you have at your house.

Because of their large size, you can fit many things at once and you won’t have to drive back and forth to transport all your belongings.

You will also get extra protection measures, insurance, and a no fixed-term contract. That way, you are in no rush to return the container before you are ready.

Lastly,  your things will be well-protected from attempts of theft because of the security measures taken to keep the warehouse safe.

You see why people love large portable storage, right?

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