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Can Excessive Sun Exposure Damage Your Roof?

Written by Jimmy Rustling

The roof is the most important part of the building for full protection from surrounding weather. But, it can easily get damaged by harsh weather conditions. You may also wonder how hot weather cause damage to your weather?

That is why you landed here. The article is a detailed description of heat damage and how you can protect it? So, let’s get started without wasting a second!

What causes the roof damage?

Roof durability and long-lasting life span are exceptional points for roofing material. However, the external harsh weather conditions do not allow the house owner to get mental peace. But knowing the reason for roof damage, signs of damage, and its cure can help maintain the roof’s life. So, the damage from sun heat is the most neglected one. Here is the damage list that sun heat and strong rays can cause to your roof according to this roofing website;

    • Expansion and contraction from scoring heat
    • Bleaching from strong rays
  • Damage from UV rays
  • Asphalt damage

1.    Expansion and contraction from scoring heat

The strong heat waves can cause expansion and contraction of the material exposed to the sun. The sudden expansion and contraction of the roof significantly damage the roof’s shape. It happens due to the heat and a sudden temperature drop in the evening.

It can also create holes in the roof, becoming the reason for leakage. If the roofing material is plastic, thermal shock can push it away, and it can change its shape totally without focusing on the qualities of the material.

Thermal shock can change the metallic material into a thin sheet that causes damage to the roof. The metal thinning causes cracks in the roof that result in moisture storage when it rains. Thermal shock can also brittle the metals, causing damage to the roof.

Usually, metals are the strongest shield for your roof, but brittle metals cannot protect the roof from debris, rain, and other damages.

2.    Bleaching from strong rays

Strong rays from the sun can cause a bleaching effect on the building’s rooftop. This bleaching effect can cause damage to the color of the paint. Sometimes it fades the color totally or changes it completely into white.

However, the bleaching effect cannot damage the structure of your rooftop, but it may slightly change the looking of your building. Moreover, wooden and light color shingles are vulnerable to strong heat. Using strong dark colors can help the paint color not to fade away.

3.    Damage from UV rays;

UV rays are the strongest rays and can cause damage to any exposed object. So, what about the most exposed rooftop? How will UV rays affect the rooftop? Asphalt is the most important material used on rooftops, and UV rays have a vulnerable effect on asphalt shingles. The asphalt shingles may start to rip off after exposure to the sun, but it is also a great resistant to the sun, so asphalt can bear the heat effect but no longer.

UV rays also cause damage to the roof coatings. The coatings may get ripen off or fall apart. Moreover, the paint can fade away its color. UV rays can break the shingles, creating brittle and thin surfaces of metals. So UV rays can end your material’s lifespan early before its age.

4.    Asphalt damage

Asphalt shingles are the primary component of rooftops. Although they are the strongest resistant to the outer hot weather, the extreme heat waves can cause damage to their surface. However, they can bear the damage for longer. Heat waves can rip off the shingles and their surface.

What are the signs of roof damage from the sun?

Getting in touch with the damage can save you from higher loss. Firstly, you need to contract with a roofing expert to detect damage, and then signs can help you maintain the roof quality. Here are some signs that signal the roof damage from heat waves;

  • If you see bumps on the rooftop, your roof is alarming you from further damage.
  • Water leakage from the roof is also a sign of roof damage from heat waves.

How to prevent sun damage?

Sunlight has the strongest waves that can shutter every exposed object, so it is not easy to get escape from the damage, but some tips can help;

  • Use reflective paint coatings to protect the roof from sun damage
  • Covering of natural materials like clay


It is hard to maintain the rooftop in the presence of extensive sunlight but following some tips and knowing the damage before its fall can change the results. Also, you must inspect your roof regularly to take quick action!

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