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Challenges Associated With Distance Learning And Their Solutions

For students who for one reason or another, are not able to learn in traditional classrooms, distance learning provides an exceptional avenue of transferring knowledge to them from teachers. However, like all things in life, distance learning has its own snags; some of which go on to affect how well the student understands what is taught. Having this in mind, we have compiled some of the common issues a person engaging in long-distance might face, alongside possible solutions. Let’s dive in:


In a traditional class setting, there is an amount of discipline a physical teacher commands. As a student, you have to show up in class at a certain time, get your assignment done before a deadline; and pay attention to the teacher during classes. This is not true for distance learning students.

Although, some long-distance students go the extra-mile of being disciplined- go off social media platforms, switch off the television and remove all forms of distractions at study time; quite a number of students find themselves unable to live at such a level of self-imposed discipline.

In order to tackle this difficulty, a conscious effort has to be made. Our individual brains are unique; such that it works on established pathways. If you continually pick up your phone at first in the morning, it gradually becomes a habit.

Hence, conscious decisions have to be made in an attempt to break cycles of indiscipline. Also, skills like time management, task prioritization, orderliness, and certain study abilities aren’t innate; they must be learnt. So, get a tutor who isn’t just teaching science but integrating executive skills with tutoring sessions. This way you are not just gaining knowledge, you are mastering skills needed to succeed in life.

Feeling Isolated? It’s Not Just You!

The human body longs for touches, hugs and embraces; which all promote a sense of belonging. A physical classroom environment provides students with an avenue to interact, think critically, explain concepts, defend positions…and of course, play with one another.

Unfortunately, the vital human need to connect with other students isn’t fulfilled via distance learning. Socially, students enrolled in distance learning programs could feel isolated from the outside world due to the absence of the kind of interactions received in a classroom environment.

Often times, this leads to bouts of depression in these students. When faced with this scenario, I had to pay someone to take my online class. While this is undoubtedly one of the common problems of distance learning, you can counter these issues by enrolling in distance learning courses that provide opportunities for discussion and interactions spanning from video calls, study group chats, webinars to discussion boards and blogs. Also, when selecting courses, look for ones who create opportunities for out-of-school meetings such as sport clubs, camping, summer classes…


The world has surged into the mobile era. With a single click, you could send a message to someone thousands of miles away. Of course, everybody loves the idea of a smartphone. However, with it come distractions- the internet being the epicenter of such distractions.  Unluckily, distance learning is carried out on the internet. Meaning, you have got to look this disturbances in the eye and refuse to yield to them.

Although, it might seem an impossible feat at first; put away your headset, mobile phones, television. Also, log out of all your social media applications to avoid receiving tempting notifications. The reason is simple: learning requires your absolute attention.

Wrapping Up

All available means of learning has their own peculiar challenges. However, with the solutions offered above, I am confident that you’ll tackle any difficulty you might encounter in distance learning classes.

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