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Choosing a wedding videographer?

Written by Jimmy Rustling

All wedding suppliers like ourselves undergo assessment, as brides and grooms do their research when choosing wedding suppliers for their special day.

Most couples will sit down together and have their wedding planner handy with lots of scribbles and crosses. They will be figuring out what entertainment they wish to have at their wedding, along with several other bits and bobs. However, how do you go about making the decision of choosing your wedding videographer?

Being a wedding videographer myself, I wanted to share expertise on the subject. What things to consider when booking a wedding videographer but also why wedding videographers in the USA are priced how they are.

Wedding Videographer average costs?

The average cost of a wedding videographer in short can be as low as $450 at the cheaper end of the scale. This can go all the way up to the higher bracket of $2500+. The pricing a wedding videographer attaches to their service is purely driven by the quality of their completed wedding films. As the known phrase goes ‘You get what you pay for’. I feel this is a fair statement in the world of wedding films.

If a company charges the lower end of the pricing matrix, you will find this is normally because they are new to the scene or they are more of a hobbyist. They may not have the same level of equipment as videographers at the higher end of the pay grade (i.e. Drone, 4k compatibility cameras).

Wedding videographers aren’t just spending the time filming at the wedding day itself (anywhere up to 12 hours). There are the countless hours spent in front of the computer afterwards. Backing up the footage to make sure it isn’t lost, editing each element of your chosen package, choosing music and colour grading to name a few. The normal journey for me personally from the start, through to point of delivery can be up to 40 hours work.

How do wedding videography packages work?

There are generally two systems wedding videographers adopt in terms of wedding film packages. Some companies will offer a variety of choice, but some will keep things simple and only offer one or two. This may help brides and grooms filter down their choices of choosing a wedding videographer, as they may only want certain elements of the day filming. The key point here again when choosing your wedding videographer is….DO YOUR RESEARCH!

How can I tell a wedding videographer is good at what they do?

This question doesn’t have a definitive answer. The reason being it is all down to what the bride and groom are looking for. From a professional perspective, it is great that a company will have all the best camera equipment at their disposal! However this only goes so far, as the person operating that equipment and editing your wedding films still needs to know what they are doing when all the footage is in the computer ready to be edited.

There are endless amounts of technical things you could cover, but in short my advice is to watch a selection of wedding films from your shortlist and choose one based on their previous work.

I need some guidance on wedding videography…

Is a wedding videographer worth it? Definitely!!! There is nothing more life like than watching a real time recollection of all the special moments from your wedding day. As a LA wedding videographer I can confirm that from the heart “I love what I do”. I love to help people too, so if you need some questions answering about the topic or interested in personally booking me please get in touch. I would love to hear from you!

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