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Commercial Bathroom Stalls Create a Comfortable Bathroom Environment

As we advance further as a society, our technology expands too. This also means that our ability to complete tasks, which were previously considered impossible or difficult has expanded as well. However, it seems that commercial bathroom stalls have hardly expanded at all.

When given a choice between small bathroom stalls and larger, more spacious ones, people tend to go for the bigger option. People usually avoid going to the bathroom if they know it’s small and cramped. This is why business owners should always analyze the space they provide their customers to make sure their restroom experience is comfortable. For this reason, it pays to invest in commercial bathroom stalls.

Health Issues Due to Bathroom Anxiety

It’s common knowledge that it’s unhealthy to “hold it in”, and yet some people will often refuse bathroom or restroom relief until they can find a more comfortable environment where they can peacefully conduct their “business”. When this happens more often and becomes a habit, a person can end up developing gastrointestinal problems, as well several health problems you wouldn’t wish on even your enemies.

All bathroom users should have access to comfortable, spacious, and clean bathroom environments. Not only will this result in a chain-reaction of sorts, but it will also improve the health of your employees, customers, and other users of your bathrooms.

Preventing Constipation with Commercial Bathroom Stalls

According to studies, when people use public bathrooms, they often develop anxiety-induced constipation and difficulty urinating due to some sort of “stage-fright.”

This may be traced back to our caveman days when our bodies prevented us from relieving ourselves when faced with high-strung, tense situations. With bathroom partitions, users can feel safe and comfortable. They are able to have privacy and feel free to do their business as they should. There are so many benefits to reducing anxiety-induced constipation such as:

  • Fewer headaches
  • Fewer acne breakouts
  • Reduced bad breath
  • Reduced hemorrhoids
  • Increased and better appetite

People definitely want to enjoy their life to the fullest, and that includes what they do in the privacy of the bathroom. By installing commercial bathroom stalls, your customers and employees will be able to experience peace, serenity, and safety only partitions can provide. It is important to care about your customer’s bathroom experience as this can significantly impact the way others view your business as well.

Privacy Is Important

When designing any commercial bathroom, always consider the privacy aspect. Bathroom windows allow natural light to come through, but it’s also the first step to providing privacy. But if you don’t plan things properly, you’ll end up creating a problem by chasing after good natural lighting for your bathroom.

One common mistake business owners make is using huge, plain windows that are midway up the wall. If they fail to do the right modifications to it, it could violate users’ bathroom privacy and expose them while they’re doing their business. Bathroom windows go a long way in providing privacy as long as they’re treated as necessary.

Fortunately, by installing bathroom stalls, you can secure enough privacy for bathroom users without compromising natural lighting.

Basic Elements of Public Bathrooms

Public restrooms are an absolute necessity, especially for commercial buildings and public venues. There are a number of elements needed to build and design a public bathroom—ranging from the most basic, to the most important.

If there’s one area or place that any business or public establishment needs to keep their customers happy, it’s a public bathroom. And it shouldn’t be just any kind of bathroom, it’s one that’s comfortable, clean, and private. Different establishments have different bathrooms. There are those equipped with necessities like toilets, commercial bathroom stalls, and sinks. Then there are fancier bathrooms that come with accessories and better plumbing fixtures.

The Basics: Toilets, Bathroom Stalls, and Sinks

Whether you’re building a regular public bathroom or a fancy one, know that you need a couple of basic fixtures and plumbing that make up a bathroom. These include toilets, commercial bathroom stalls, urinals, sinks, and other plumbing essentials.

Toilets and Urinals

A bathroom is not a bathroom if it doesn’t have a toilet. In most countries, a “toilet” usually means a regular toilet or popularly known as a “Western toilet”. But there are different types you can choose from for your public bathroom. Some public restrooms in Asia, for example, feature a squat toilet instead of the usual Western-style one.

The same is true for urinals. There are two basic choices for urinals with regards to layout. You can opt for individual urinals, which is the more common option, or the communal trough-type one.

Bathroom Stalls or Partitions

Bathroom partitions, are of course, essential only to public bathrooms with more than one toilet. Bathroom stalls or partitions provide users the privacy they need whenever they use the toilet.

Commercial bathroom stalls come in different types, makeup, and configuration. Regardless of the type you decide on for your public bathroom, you need consider the following:

  • Partition Height

When deciding on the height of your bathroom stalls, you need to consider the average height of people in your country. There are height differences between males and females, as well. However, it’s always a good idea to play it safe and make your bathroom partitions as tall as possible.

Your bathroom stalls or partitions should be strong enough to withstand wear and tear. We can’t always control or predict what people do in public bathrooms. Vandalism is pretty common and sometimes people can end up damaging your property. For this reason, it would be wise to make sure that your partitions are as durable as they can be.


If your public bathroom has more than one toilet, it would be better if you can install more than one sink too. Having more sinks will keep people from forming lines inside the bathroom. Having more sinks will also help keep your bathroom more sanitary.

You don’t really have to install a soap dispenser to each sink, but users will definitely appreciate this small gesture.

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