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Everything Collectors Need To Know About The American Eagle Gold Coin

Written by Jimmy Rustling

As one of the most popular coins among modern collectors, the American Gold Eagle is the original bullion coin, rich in history and value. First introduced in 1986, the American Gold Eagles were the first gold coins officialized by the US for investment purposes. Knowing all you can about the American Gold Eagle Coins will positively add to your collection or investment strategy, whether you are new to coin collecting or a seasoned investor.

Created with the customer in mind, these gold coins were designed to intrigue many consumers. The coin comes in four sizes, including 1/10, 1/4, ½ 0z, and 1 0z, all of which are backed by the US government. Every coin comprises one 0z of pure gold (.9167 pure gold). The front of the coin showcases Lady Liberty walking against the rays of the sun, which rest neatly in the background. The back of the coin shows an eagle, a newer update to the 2022 coin.

With a long design history, the American Eagle gold coin is an intriguing addition to any coin collection composed of classic coins with sequential changes. This article will discuss everything collectors should know about the American Eagle gold Coin for collection purposes. Read on to learn more about all this popular coin has to offer.

American Eagle Gold Coins Are Valuable Against Inflation

Purchasing American gold Eagle coins is a good investment, given its strength against inflation. As the most agile gold investment, American gold coins have tremendous value against inflation, making them a sought-after asset.

Gold Eagles Hold High Investment Value

An ounce-weighted Gold Eagle is worth around $1903. Classic Silver and gold original bullion coins tend to increase in value over time. Gold eagles are a worthwhile investment for those looking to purchase coins that appreciate. The high expense of the American Eagle gold coin results from the fact that the Mint will only sell to wholesale buyers directly. So, for the sake of competition and to keep a profit, the dealer will increase the costs for products in demand. This process is true for silver eagles as well.

Gold Doesn’t Tarnish

If you are interested in collecting American Eagle coins but are unsure if gold is the way to go, know that gold does not tarnish over time. Unlike brass and silver, the American gold Eagle coin will stay in pristine condition, and this reason alone explains some of the interest among collectors of these coins.

How To Know If Your Coin Is Real

To ensure that your American Eagle gold coin is real, do the “ping” test, whereby you listen to the sound the coin makes when struck. If the sound is high-pitched, it is likely a precious metal.

Collect Or Invest In A Gold Coin Today

With a high investment value, flawless design and durability, and the likelihood of appreciated value, it’s no wonder collectors are interested in the American Eagle gold coin. Start adding to your collection or investing in a gold coin today.

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