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Everything You Need to Know about Funeral Costs in the UK: Your Detailed Guide

Written by Jimmy Rustling

When we are faced with the death of someone we love, it can be utterly devastating; their death can change our lives and circumstances in so many ways. Dealing with someone’s death is a painful process, and it can be exacerbated if we also have to contend with the arrangement of the person’s funeral. But it’s a necessary undertaking, and it’s best to be prepared and have full knowledge of what you have to do. Whether your loved one expressed their last wishes for their funeral or you are arranging it based on what you think they would have wanted, funerals can be quite a substantial expense, and it pays to know how much it will cost. Here’s everything you need to know about funeral costs in the UK: your detailed guide.

The top considerations

There are some main pointers to consider when arranging a funeral, and below are the top considerations:

  • Select a funeral that is reasonably affordable and proper for the deceased. Your loved one may not want you to get into debt to give them a costly funeral. They probably wouldn’t want you to be stressed about the funeral expenses. Remember that it’s not disrespectful to consider the cost.
  • It would be a good idea to request a minimum of two quotations, perhaps one from a funeral service chain and another from independent funeral directors, such as Many individuals choose to work with funeral directors because they can take care of the pertinent details and relieve them of the burden of funeral arrangements.
  • A more expensive alternative such as expensive coffins or hearses may not be as meaningful as heartfelt actions, music, and words.

The standard cost

As of now, the standard cost of a funeral (with the services of a funeral director) is around £3,800+. However, the expense will often vary based on your funeral arrangement and location. For instance, a funeral in London will cost more than in other areas. But the cost can also differ depending on the type or kind of funeral your loved one will have.

  • For a direct cremation, the standard cost is £1500+, and it includes the collection of the deceased, a standard coffin, and the return of the deceased’s ashes.
  • For a cremation with the services of a funeral director, the standard cost is £3200+. It comes with the deceased’s collection and care, a standard coffin and a hearse, and an ordinary service. It includes the fees for cremation and a cremation certificate.
  • For a burial with a funeral director, the standard cost is around £4300+, and it includes the same as the above, with the only difference being that it is a burial instead. It also consists of the fees of the minister.

There are also disbursement or third-party expenses, which are the fees you must settle with a third-party provider. There are burial fees that include a burial plot lease and the digging of the deceased’s grave, which can cost around £2000+. Cremation fees are also a third-party fee, and they can be approximately £835. It includes the cremation certificate and the officiant or clergy’s fee, although the cremation fees can often be less expensive if you use a funeral director.

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