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Have You Chosen an Entertaining Lifestyle? Use These Tips for a Magazine Writer

Despite your wealth of experience in academic writing, you may find yourself stuck when trying to write something for a large public. Entertainment and fun are two ingredients of success in journalism. People today are mostly interested in how celebrities live, trends in beauty, scandals, etc. It all refers to entertainment. If you feel like you are ready to inform the audience about that, here are some tips that may help you and speed up the process of becoming a famous writer, blogger, or journalist. Successful representatives of these professions may earn up to $146,230 annually!

Do Not Underestimate the Role of Internship

No education can provide you with the necessary knowledge and skills as effective as internship or volunteering programs. Find a publication that is famous for creating entertainment articles. It can be something related to more serious topics but with the rubric dedicated to fun.

To get your foot in the door, you should have something more beyond the degree. The internship will show you how things work in the real world. By writing articles for some publication, you will gain valuable recommendations (of course, if you manage to do it right). Later, these referrals will help you to get your full-time job.

Internship in editorials helps to make integral connections and become a desirable author. Perhaps, during this internship, you will understand that your calling is something different from entertainment and change your specialization. You may search online for the best internships in entertainment writing. When applying, it is better to prepare a CV with your examples of works instead of a regular resume.

Are you worried as you cannot penetrate an editorial? Well, you may look for things different from famous publications. In fact, it is better to try to get a job in a small editorial first. There is a harsh competition per place when it comes to an internship in famous magazines and newspapers. Who knows: maybe, you will get successful enough to get a chance in something like NBC’s Access Hollywood.

Are you currently involved in an internship? Try to switch it to writing, and you’ll see the positive results very soon.

Make Friends with Publicists and Journalists

A publicist will serve as a doorman in the famous proverb. If you want to work as a writer, you should communicate more with people of this profession or the related ones:

  • Journalists
  • Content writers
  • Publicists
  • Book and essay authors
  • Copywriters
  • Proofreaders and editors
  • SMM writers, etc.

All of these guys may hold the keys to unlock big opportunities for you. You should just grab the bird of luck by its tail!

Use Different Tools to Improve Your Writing

Today, you can find plenty of grammar software in free access. Paid tools are more accurate, but you need to start with something. If you are a student  who is not ready to invest plenty of money in writing applications, use free online versions.

You may enter the keywords “write my essay” to see the list of paid and free apps for inspiration. For example, a plagiarism checker will highlight the duplicate parts of the content that you will have to rewrite to avoid problems. Various apps like Grammarly, Copyscape, Copywritely, and others offer both in-depth grammar/spelling and punctuation check. They also scan texts for plagiarism. Do not miss this opportunity to polish your articles before submission.

Reach out to Celebrities and Other Public Figures

You should try to do your best to take interviews. A conversation with a celebrity, known scientist, or another authoritative figure will add credits to your experience. You should include such articles in your portfolio first of all. It is understandable that you may risk failing to get access to a specific celebrity. However, you can meet some of them in the streets or public places. The rest of the deal depends on your communication and persuasion skills.

You should act as a professional instead of the fan if you wish to succeed. You may, for example, promise something unique if he or she agrees to give an interview to you. You may also admit that your interview is connected with some charity organization or special event. Sometimes, a bit of a lie can make your career. You can also look for the contact info of celebrities on websites like IMBD. Those are open sources that at least offer emails or postal mails for a fan-listing.

You may start with the newborn, young stars. It would be far easier and more realistic than trying to interview Johnny Depp or Cameron Diaz. Publicists are always interested in opening new starts to their readers. After all, the press is the one who creates celebrities, not vice versa. Feel confident while interviewing musicians and actors. Remember: they are people just like you with, well, a bit higher salary and popularity.

Come up with an Entertainment Blog

You can find many website builders on the internet today, and most of them are free. Do not miss this chance to create your own blog! Develop your personal author’s portfolio and user base. To do so, post regularly (at least twice per week). Maintain a high quality of writing and watch the trends on social platforms. This way, your content will always be fresh and wanted.


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