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How Can I Stay Cosy in My Wheelchair?

Written by Jimmy Rustling

When the worst of the winter weather arrives, it can be tempting to keep yourself confined to the indoors, something that rings especially true for wheelchair users who may find it difficult to keep warm and cosy in their chairs at the best of times.

But it doesn’t have to be this way, as there is an extensive range of accessories and add-ons available for all types of wheelchairs. From classic self-propelled chairs to the most advanced mobility scooters, everything you need to make the most of your time is up for grabs at an affordable price.

In particular, the following come highly recommended for warm and cosy outings, during the autumn-winter season:

Cosy Toes Wheelchair Cosy

The Cosy Toes Wheelchair Cosy is the optional wheelchair accessory you will wonder how you ever got by without. Designed to keep the user warm, dry and fantastically cosy in all weather conditions, it combines a fully waterproof exterior layer with a luxurious fleece-lined interior. Even the strongest and coldest wind is no match for this thing, which features an easy-to-use full-length zip for total convenience. Compatible with all standard wheelchairs and suitable for men and women alike, the Cosy Toes Wheelchair Cosy also features two concealed pockets to keep your possessions warm and dry while out and about. If you are looking for a comfortable, convenient and affordable way to fight back against everything the winter weather throws at you, this is it.

Splash Deluxe Lined & Sleeved Wheelchair Poncho

Next comes the Splash Deluxe Lined & Sleeved Wheelchair Poncho – perfect for staying mobile in the wind and rain. This full head-to-toe poncho with sleeves is designed to keep the entire body warm and dry, without restricting movement and with maximum comfort in mind. The lining of the poncho provides much greater warmth and wind protection than most comparable ponchos and each of the seams has been carefully sealed to unbeatable weather protection. Lightweight and convenient to carry when not in use, the Splash Deluxe Lined & Sleeved Wheelchair Poncho comes in one standard size option, and is ideal for men and women alike.

Wheelchair Cosy – Long

Set yourself up with this simple yet effective Wheelchair Cosy and you have everything you need for enjoyable outings in all four seasons. Featuring a much longer design than most comparable cosies, this long Wheelchair Cosy provide much greater warmth and protection in all types of weather conditions. The fleece lining provides outstanding insulation for a warm and comfy experience, while the fully waterproof exterior ensures the legs stay safe and dry. Designed to fit with ease on most types of attendant-propelled wheelchairs, this long Wheelchair Cosy can also be used in conjunction with a wheelchair poncho for total head-to-toe protection. The strong large ring zip makes it easy to access and use and the whole thing is machine washable for total convenience, a great accessory to keep to one side for cold and rainy days.

Kozee Komforts Footmuff

We highly recommend the Kozee Komforts Footmuff to anyone who struggles with cold feet when out and about using a wheelchair. Or for that matter, anyone who enjoys keeping their feet warm and toasty in general! The Kozee Komforts Footmuff improves on the design of comparable footmuffs by combining outstanding comfort and insulation with total freedom of movement.  Whether used in a bed, an armchair, or a wheelchair, the Kozee Komforts Footmuff allows you to move your feet unrestricted for unbeatable comfort. The material is highly durable yet luxuriously soft and is designed to reflect as much body heat back as possible to keep the feet warm. When heading about on the coldest winter days, the Kozee Komforts Footmuff really is all you will ever need to keep your feet warm, cosyand comfortable.

If you have any questions on any of the above or would like to learn more about our mobility scooter accessories, contact a member of the team at Mobility Smart today.

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