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How Can I Travel Without Drinking?

If you’re still figuring out how to live a completely sober life, it is completely understandable that the idea of going out in a foreign place and traveling outside of your comfort zone is something that makes you feel anxious. After all, you’ve been putting so much effort and time into maintaining your sobriety. Adjusting yourself into the “tourist” lifestyle that involves discovering new places and finding fun is challenging for any recovering addict.

If you feel like you’re not completely confident about going places without taking a single sip, we suggest you don’t force yourself. Move at your own pace. Whenever you’re ready, don’t be afraid to ask for professional treatment and advice, even if you’ve been doing great for the past few months. UK Rehab is known for its extensive range of treatment options for a number of addictions, including alcoholism, substance abuse issues, and eating problems. People of all kinds are welcome, and it is open 24 hours a day. So, if you’re worried about traveling and need some help to manage your anxiety appropriately, they could be available to assist you.

If you want to challenge yourself and travel, we have laid down some helpful tips on how you can do it without worrying about relapse.

Disconnect from stress, but not from the people you love.

There are times when you must be able to communicate quickly with loved ones back home, not only for safety but also while you’re savoring a delicious parfait or soaking in the breathtaking scenery right in front of you.

Send an email or text message to someone you consider your support system to keep them updated on how you’re doing. It’s relieving to know that someone else is aware that you’re on the road so that you can keep yourself responsible. Talking to people you care about will remind you of the beautiful life you have back home and serve as a powerful reminder to never return to the old life that almost caused you to become estranged from them.

Be mindful of the drinks establishments around the area serve.

Bring a handy bottle that you can refill along the road if you’re headed to a location where beverages are not familiar to you. Ensure you always have your own jug with you if the establishment you choose to enter does not serve beverages that do not have alcohol content. Don’t give yourself a reason to drink even the tiniest amount, as it will only lead to harm.

Just be aware that you are under no obligation to consume any drinks presented to you. Don’t worry about coming off as “snobby” or “choosy” if somebody tries to convince you to drink anything that isn’t good for your recovery. Your health is more valuable than the fear of upsetting someone. Always choose what is best for you and your sobriety journey.

When traveling with friends, avoid being in the hot seat by having a glass with you all the time.

You may avoid being forced to drink by having a glass of anything non-alcoholic in your hand. This way, when it comes time to pay for a round, they will look past you. Everyone has ceased noticing and commenting on your lack of alcohol consumption by the moment your buddies are on their second round. They’ve also become so intoxicated by this point that they won’t even remember it.

To avoid being presented with the beverage menu, naturally, flip your glass and immediately request water when you arrive at a restaurant.No uneasy talks are necessary since you make it apparent to the service workers that you have no interest in drinking. Even though it first seems awkward, you’ll be amazed by how effective it is.

Yes. It really is possible to have a good time without the aid of alcohol. Traveling sober means that you don’t have to worry about drinking ruining your experiences. So why not try to prove to yourself that you are capable of living a sober life?


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