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How Mobile Advertising Works In 2019

Written by Jimmy Rustling

Researches of 2018 have revealed almost 4 billion of unique users and the same amount for active Internet inhabitants. Nearly 70% are spent by them for watching media with the help of their mobile devices. No wonder that competition is very high as reaching your audiences in this information noise is quite a deal. has prepared a list of trends that are likely to rule in 2019 to help advertisers and marketers.

To sum up 2018, we can say that previous year was marked by processing mobile market in the same manner as if it serves for desktop computers – that is probably the reason for majority of problems. Let’s have a look what will strike in 2019.

Personalization will remain in fashion

Times when a computer is used by a whole family are still possible. But mobile devices make absolutely different story. Each device is a private client with his own unique characteristics – rtb advertising is probably the best and cheapest way of performing it. This technology offers transparent deals and reaching exactly those people you need.

Implement “Drive to Store” method

The idea of the approach is to tell a user with the help of the ad that a very tasty offer is waiting for him. A map is opened by click, a potential client could see where to go. An average cost of a client is approximately $6, while visits are made once from 20 clicks.

Augmented reality is neglected, but why?

The approach is quite promising for advertising in general and mobile in niche in particularly. Correct adoption will make advertising not only interesting and exciting, but interactive and memorable. However, just some brands use it…

For example, Ikea offers its clients to see how particular furniture item will suit in their own flats.

Generally companies are not very positive about this idea, as there are two budget issues still not resolved:

which kind of media it should be referred to: television, radio, Internet etc.?

how to calculate and understand return of investments?

What are general forecasts for mobile advertising in 2019?

Nowadays advertisers are tighten by ads sizes. Otherwise, the ad will not be published, a person will not see it, however, the advertiser was charged.

A desire to make something memorable and creative leads to solutions like shaking the phone or watch animation. The idea itself is quite good, but it requires heavy files – it is not always possible in current technical possibilities and the effect can be lost.

5G technology is what everybody waiting for. Users will have faster Internet and advertisers will have more freedom in the size of their ads – the ideas we have described will be easier for realization.

The point is that mobile devices are also expected to be changed. Flexible devices that can be bent or fold to any side. Another idea about absolutely transparent devices is also on the way. One of the trends that can be useful for advertisers is manufacturing of devices with a portative projector machine – options for advertising are enormous in this case.

What should advertisers do with all these things?

We are expecting appearance of new ad formats. But the limits will remain, as you can insert a lot of creative on TV 55-screen, that will be absolutely impossible even for a tablet screen. Half of the functions will be lost.

Increasing time of communication is one more peculiarity of mobile advertising. Using device as “a snack” is no longer a habbit. Explanation is quite simple, the devices nowadays are smarter and offer more opportunities for longer communication like watching films or reading books.

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