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How to Clean Common Kitchen Countertops

Written by Jimmy Rustling

The kitchen countertop is your primary tool in preparing a fantastic dinner for the family. It serves different purposes. Besides being the place to lay out ingredients, it’s also an important aspect of your kitchen because it completes the look and accentuates features of your lovely home.

More often than not, countertops take a huge chunk out of your kitchen renovation or construction budget. It’s a huge investment to make, so you have to take care of it if you want it to last. With proper maintenance, you can maximise your countertop’s appearance and lifespan. If you’re a new homeowner and unsure of how to take care of your countertop, below are some tips you might find helpful.


If you want a timeless look for your kitchen, granite kitchen countertops Dublin offers are an excellent choice. Not only are they durable, but also easy to keep clean and maintain.

To keep it looking new and prevent surface damage, do not use acidic cleaners. Wipe up any spills, as soon as you can, with a towel or a damp sponge. You can even schedule an annual resealing job or do it yourself to prevent staining.


Marble is the option to go for when homeowners want a clean look for their kitchen. A common misconception is that it’s hard to care for, but this doesn’t deter kitchen lovers from choosing this high-end style material as a kitchen worktop. The good news is, there are cleaners that you can buy to help you. Or, you can even DIY by preparing warm soapy water to wipe the surface with. Because marble is a naturally porous material, you’ll have to be careful with spills and clean them up as soon as possible to avoid staining.


Many of today’s modern homes follow a farmhouse or industrial design. This gave way to a rise in the popularity of concrete kitchen countertops. While they can be durable, concrete materials are still susceptible to stains.

This kind of kitchen worktop is easy to maintain. Just make sure that you deal with spills right away and avoid leaving damp and moist materials on the surface.


Quartz is becoming a popular option for many homeowners because of its non-porous and stain-resistant qualities, making it an easy countertop to maintain.

When it comes to cleaning, all you need is a paper towel or a soft rag to dry up spills. For thorough cleaning, you can settle for non-bleach cleansers and mild detergents to protect the surface. You also need to keep in mind that even though quartz is hard to scratch and is heat-resistant, you’ll still need to use cutting boards if you want to use it for a longer time.

Kitchen worktops are a big investment and you’ll have to do everything you can to protect the surface. Be it wiping down spills immediately or resealing every year with the quartz countertops near me in Memphis, every action you take will add to your countertop’s lifespan and excellent surface finish.

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