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How To Fix a Noisy Garage Door in Flower Mound, TX

If you have ever owned a noisy garage door or a loud garage door opener, you will understand the disappointment of pressing the button on your remote. It would not be quite so terrible if the door systems operated a bit more swiftly.

As it is, your belt-driven garage door functions very gradually. If you want your garage door to become quieter, keep reading this article. We will deal with minor issues like stopping a garage door from creating squeaking sounds through less noticeable issues like replacing the hinges.

Before going onto the hows of fixing a noisy garage door, we have to mention that some things could affect the way the garage door works. It is also worth discussing that while the tips we provide here are easy to follow, not all garage door repair works are best for do-It-Yourself projects. If you do not notice any of these visible problems we will discuss below; then, it might be the perfect time to reach for a garage door pro. A loud garage door motor may be the culprit. It is something you do not want to fix on your own, for instance.

How Can You Mend a Noisy Garage Door?

The first you can do when you want to mend a loud garage door is a simple step. Ensure that the garage door and track are clean and free from debris. Debris moving along the garage door track when the door opens and shuts might not be sufficient to stop the door from operating but can make a push.

Make sure all hardware is tight.

A loose garage door hardware is a common cause of a noisy garage door. Spend some time to fasten any screws and bolts up a bit. Be careful not to tear the screws but ensure that they are all fitting comfortably. In addition, examine all bottom brackets whether they are secured.

Change the garage door rollers.

The next step you can do is examine the garage door rollers to see whether they require replacement. Most of these garage door rollers will have uncovered bearings. These can accumulate debris and dirt over time and so will require replacement eventually. If your garage door is shaking as it opens or shuts, this could be a problem.

If possible, change your garage door rollers with sealed bearings. They are costlier than unsealed ones, but they will withstand longer. You can consider having nylon rollers. Again, you will spend more money on these parts; however, they are not as loud and need less upkeep. You do not need to oil nylon rollers frequently, so the extra pay you spend will pay for itself in the long run. There is a sign here, though. If the torsion springs are mounted over your door, you should not change the rollers at the bottom. They hold under tension, and if you unfasten them, you could hurt yourself badly.

Inspect the hinges for tears and wear.

Worn-out hinges are more of an issue with older garage doors, but it is a significant issue you should be checking. If the hinges become worn out, the garage door cannot keep its precise range of movement. It could end up creating tears and wear on the joints. It is common for hinges to yield some pressure, but over time, the stress in the movement will lead a hole around the hinge pin to stretch into more an oblong form. You might also notice dust around the ground or metal filings. Any of these problems signify that it is time for hinges replacement.

Examine the Chain

Another step to fix a noisy garage door is by examining the opener chain. If the garage door is not opening quietly, and you hear a smacking sound, it is a possible problem. Then, go inspect your opener chain. You can fasten the chain or, if appropriate, lubricate the garage door track as it runs in.

Lubricate the garage door parts.

If the garage door spring or the extension springs are creating scraping noise, it is quite pretty easy to mend. Get a lubricant and lube the springs. It is an excellent idea to perform this twice a year to keep the door operating smoothly. Make sure to get a lube created for this purpose. Other lubrication products will not go deep and will accumulate dirt. It will be a problem for you.


A loud garage door is more than just a problem. It also tells your neighbors that you are around or you have just come home. The good thing is, we can fix it for you. Family Christian Doors will help you mend your noisy garage door by just following the steps mentioned above. If you do all the things above, but your garage door is still noisy, it is time to call us. We provide services in Flower Mound and surrounding areas. Give us a call today!

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