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How to Keep a Keg of Beer Cold?

Written by Jimmy Rustling

Let’s be honest, nobody likes to drink warm beer. If you don’t know how to keep the keg cold, it can ruin the whole party. But don’t worry, in this article, we have described the simplest, most effective, and affordable ways to cool beer in a keg.

This is the same as a refrigerator, only specifically designed for the keg. It is the perfect way to store beer at home or in a bar. Kegerators are really stylish and will suit any interior. Such a tool can be a little expensive, but there are many shops where you can get a beer kegerator for sale.

  • Tank + ice

The recipe is simple: buy a huge tank where the keg would fit and fill it with ice. Tanks that are most often used for this purpose are garbage cans. This method is inferior to the kegerator in efficiency and attractiveness, but it is mobile, and you can take it anywhere.

  • Keg jackets (or keg blanket)

This is a special neoprene keg cover that isolates it from the hot air of the environment, and the beer remains cold. These jackets may also have ice pockets. Also, the blanket is perfect for transporting the keg correctly.

  • Jockey box

This is a tank filled with ice water. Unlike previous options, the jockey box does not cool the keg itself but rather the beer on its way to your glass. Inside the box, there are long tubes of cold water. When passing through them, beer gets cooled.

There are many more ways and DIYs to cool a keg of beer. We have described only the most affordable and effective ones. However, we believe that if you are a true beer lover, it makes sense to invest in a good old kegerator and enjoy a cold drink every day right at home.

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