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How to learn Classical Music at Home

Written by Jimmy Rustling

You are sitting at home, thinking that you would love to play in an orchestra? If you already play an instrument, this dream may not be so far away. And if you don’t, then choose the one you like and go rent or buy one. Then start learning how to read a music sheet and where the notes are on your instrument. Once that is done, you can start playing with an orchestra right away. Here is how.

An App that lets You learn Music at Home

If you wonder how this is possible, then let us tell you right now how it can be so: With Metronautapp. This application is the easiest and best way to learn how to play in an orchestra. Before, this was either very hard to achieve or simply impossible. Finding a place inside an orchestra, no matter where you live, is not an easy task. Unless you apply to a school and you pay to be in one. But with Metronautapp, all you have to do is download it, and suddenly you will have the possibility to join into various musical pieces, through the instrument of your choice. That is because it leaves a void for it, so that you can play and hear yourself, as all other instruments play along with you.

An App that adapts to Your Rhythm

You may think that you will never be able to follow an orchestra. However, that is not how the app works. No matter how good you are, you can adapt the tempo of the song you want to play, so that you manage to get all the notes in. That is the most important element, when you start learning a song: To play all notes at exactly the right time. Even if the song sounds like something that is melting, instead of sending out the beautiful feeling it is supposed to, that is okay, because in no time you will be able to raise the rhythm back up. Slowly but surely you will reach a confidence level that will help you learn faster. And when you finally reach the conclusion of your first song, at the regular tempo, you will be so happy about yourself, that you will want the whole world to hear it.

Take Notes as You go Along

The other advantage of this app is that it lets you take notes directly on the music sheet, in various colours. This is more important to those who have already achieved a higher level of knowledge. Beginners need only to concentrate on hitting the right note at the right moment. But the more experienced individuals will want to indicate “how” to play the note, to make it sound just as the original. Should it resonate or be played softly? Should it start a millisecond later than other instruments? These are all little factors that will change the way the song sounds like, in the end. But you have to get to the professional level, before you start worrying about the details. Thanks to Metronautapp, this should happen much faster.

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