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How to Profit With 7K Metals

Written by Jimmy Rustling

7K Metals provides gold and silver bullion mainly in the form of coins and jewelry, but that’s only a small part of the picture.

7K Metals offers precious metals especially the gold backed IRA reviews are investment opportunities and programs for long-term savings. They give their members a way to earn points by sharing information with others and inspiring them to become members as well.

When you sign up for monthly Autosaver Access – choosing from their three different monthly options – they will hand-select a valuable coin each month and send it to you.

With a wide variety of precious metals – which are a hedge against inflation – and a point system that offers savings on travel costs, members are saving for the future and building great memories at some of the best vacation spots around.

Here’s How It Works

7K Metals’ compensation plan gives their associates the chance to earn an income by helping others acquire the precious metals they have to offer.

There are 2 types of people involved with 7K Metals’ business model:

  • Customers – A 7K Metals customer is someone who purchases a 7K Metal membership so they have access to the various precious metals products they have to offer, which they can purchase at wholesale cost.
  • Associates – A 7K Metals associate someone who is paid to market and sell memberships to customers. An associate also builds a sales organization of their own consisting of other associates who also market and sell to customers.

If you become an associate, your sales network is made up of people who fall within 2 groups:

  • Associates sponsored by you
  • Associates sponsored by other associates in your network

Associates who joined 7K Metals before you did could also sponsor those in your network.

When you or someone in your network sells a membership, your team totals are credited with 100 points. When the team totals reach 500 points in both groups with two-thirds or more of the points coming from the sales of a 7K Metals membership, 7K Metals gives you a commission.

To qualify for the team commission, you will only have to sell a membership to two customers – one from each team.

Not only that, but every time an associate in your network gets a commission, you receive a 5% matching bonus.

Coin Of The Month

Every time a coin of the month is sold, 20 points go to your team totals, further helping earn your commission. Unused points (up to 500) can be carried over into the next weekly pay period.

Travel Savings Card

You can also get a Travel Savings Card, which helps you find the best monthly travel deals. Members can find some of the best deals on resorts, beaches, and other vacation destinations. Depending on the starter pack you choose and with every monthly AutoSaver Coin, 7K Metals will send you travel savings dollars.

In short, 7K Metals has created a business model that allows you to not only save money, but make money while getting some of the best deals on vacation spots.

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