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How To Save Money When Buying Industrial Glue Sticks In Bulk

Written by Jimmy Rustling

Glue sticks are commonly associated with arts and crafts but are also widely used in many manufacturing processes. For this purpose, factories use industrial-grade glue sticks to cater to their requirements. As this product is used in large quantities in a given period, companies need a steady supply of glue sticks to allow continued production.

Because of the great demand, manufacturers often purchase their glue sticks en masse. When done correctly, buying is also an effective way of cutting production costs. If you’d like to know how you can save money when buying industrial glue sticks in bulk, here are some suggestions you may find helpful:

1 Select A Wholesale Supplier

The first step toward cutting costs in procuring industrial glue is to select an excellent wholesale supplier who’ll offer you the best quality products at reasonable prices. You’ll also need to consider if the supplier can handle the variety and volume you require so you can have a reliable source of industrial glue.

For instance, you may require large quantities of adhesive agents for woodworking, plastic materials, or countertop templating, such as the types of hot glue sticks from Then, the ideal supplier for you would be one who can meet your specifications.

Finally, ensure that the supplier is a reputable company trusted in the industry so you’ll be assured of the quality of your transactions.

2 Compare Prices

Comparing prices offered by different suppliers is another money-saving and budgeting tip when bulk-buying industrial glue. When comparing prices, it’s essential to consider the factors that influence costs, including the location of the supplier, the brand’s popularity, the quality of their products, the materials used, and the quantities you’ll need.

Sometimes, the price differences depend on the contract length between the two companies. Hence, you’ll need to gather this information to compare offers in all aspects.

3 Calculate Shipping Fees

Shipping costs can have significant savings small businesses enjoy when buying industrial glue in bulk. Because you’ll be buying large quantities at a specific time, you’ll also minimize the frequency of deliveries. To get the best value in shipping costs, choose a supplier nearest your location so the prices will be much lower. Then, you can also order the maximum quantity of industrial glue allowable for a specific shipping fee.

You can also consider negotiating your shipping fees with the supplier, especially if you’re signing a long-term contract. It’s possible to reduce these costs given that you’ll place massive orders in the foreseeable future, which is a good deal for suppliers.

4 Consider Expiry Dates And Storage Requirements

While it’s ideal to have an unlimited supply of industrial glue at your disposal, you’ll also have to consider each product’s expiry dates and storage requirements to avoid excess or waste. For instance, unopened packages of regular glue sticks have a shelf life of up to 18 months, and they should be stored carefully in dry spaces to avoid early deterioration.

To optimize your investment, you’ll need to carefully plan your usage of the supplies that you have on hand. Ensure that the first items you bought are also the first ones to be used and that the latest shipments will be used before they expire. This way, you can be sure that all your industrial glue sticks will retain their quality until you need to use them.

5 Take Advantage Of Discounts And Freebies

The last tip would depend on availability, though it’s possible to score great deals, discounts, and freebies when you’re entering into a contract with the supplier for the long term. Bulk purchases benefit not only the client but also the suppliers since they can be considered a guaranteed business for them for a specific period. Moreover, wholesale deals can be a lifesaver for supply companies looking to reduce inventory at optimal costs.

Hence, it’s wise to negotiate reasonable discount rates and freebies before you sign a deal with your chosen suppliers. You can also use it when selecting one since you can also compare potential suppliers based on the discounts they offer. Doing so will save a sufficient amount for procuring industrial glue sticks.


Buying industrial glue sticks in bulk effectively cuts manufacturing costs and streamlines your production processes. Purchasing materials wholesale is often more cost-effective than buying retail, and you can also score discounts and freebies.

Besides this, you can pay less shipping fees when you buy in large quantities, as you’ll be limiting your transactions. Finally, you’ll spend less time procuring glue sticks when you buy them in bulk.

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