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How to use Filters and Effects on TikTok to add flair to Your Videos

Written by Jimmy Rustling

Posting a photo or a video on TikTok can really help your visibility online. However, you need to keep in mind that users of this app have seen it all, and tend to be very demanding in terms of visual. Also, they really enjoy having fun, which is why you need to keep them entertain. There is nothing like filters and effects to do a better job of adding flair to your videos, on TikTok.

What are TikTok Filters and Effects?

Let’s start from the beginning. If you are new on TikTok, but have used other social media before, such as Instagram, you probably have a good idea of what a filter is. You can use them to change the way a video look, by modifying the colour. Inside this particular app, you will find four different categories (Portrait, Landscape, Food, and Vibe), each featuring different colour tones. It is a great way to identify your videos, by always using the same filter. You can learn more on how to handle filters with mojo-app.

As for effects, they can completely change what you show your viewers. From modifying the colour of your hair, to looking like a clown, the number of possibilities given by the app is really high. You can even use the green screen to place yourself in a different country, or even on the moon, if you so like. Just go with your instinct and create new situations, by using effects on TikTok.

A Couple of TikTok Filters You should try


If what you are looking for is to provide a sense of lightness to your video, then you need to try adding the Portrait F3 filter to it. It will lighten all the dark areas, all the while giving a blue tint to the whole image.


If you want to do the reverse, and you wish to intensify the feed, then Portrait S5 is the solution. The contrasts will become clearer, while it will add saturation and shadows into the video. You get a sense for drama by using this filter, that can really change the feel of the video greatly.

A Couple of TikTok Effects You should try

The Green Screen

If there is one effect that everyone uses at some point on TikTok, it is the green screen. It enables you to change the location of the video, in an instant. On one image you could be in Canada, while in the next you will be seen on Red Square, in Moscow. TikTok offers a few backgrounds to choose from, but you can decide to use your own, as well.


What is better than you? Three you, of course! That is what you can get people to see, when you choose the Trio effect, on TikTok. Many people use it in dance contests, to add to the power of the movement. Each of you will be doing exactly the same thing, which literally amplifies every little shake of the hip and roll of the head…

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