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Mask Lanyards Can Help Reduce COVID-19 Risk

The World Health Organization (WHO) confirms that masks can help save lives. It can keep people who are wearing them from catching the deadly virus, and it can also prevent those who are infected from spreading the virus to others.

It’s of utmost importance to put on a mask as necessary. To considerably increase the effectiveness of wearing one in the fight against COVID-19, consider getting your hands on a mask lanyard, too.

Just like an ID, cell phone or eyeglass lanyard, it’s something that allows you to have your mask with you at all times. It helps ensure that you won’t forget to bring a mask with you or lose it whenever you need to remove it momentarily.

A lanyard’s role in sparing you and the people around you from ending up infected is pivotal. Below you will see some of the top reasons why, so don’t stop reading now if you want to see the end of the pandemic in one piece.

Touch the Straps Only

Just because the WHO says that a mask can help keep you from being one of the millions of people infected all over the planet doesn’t necessarily mean that you are out of the woods. If you use your mask incorrectly, you are still at high risk.

According to health authorities, it’s not a good idea to touch the cloth part of your mask. That’s because any virus on your hand may end up on the cloth. When that happens, you may inhale the virus, and this can lead to an infection.

When putting on a mask, use the straps. The same is true when removing your mask — your hands should come into contact with the straps only, not the cloth. Otherwise, wearing a mask will mean absolutely nothing.

This is when the importance of using a lanyard comes in. Because of this product, you will find it easier to keep the cloth part of your mask off-limits. Something adjustable can help simplify wearing and removing your mask correctly each time.

Avoid Placing It on Surfaces

In some instances, a mask has to be removed temporarily. This is vital, such as when you are eating, drinking, and brushing your teeth. What’s important is that you wear your mask once again as soon as the activity is through.

Placing your mask on surfaces when not using it is a terrible idea. It’s for the fact that it may end up contaminated. Scientists confirm that the virus can live on surfaces anywhere from a few hours to several days, depending on certain conditions.

Stashing it in your pocket is also a no-no as it can easily become contaminated if it touches tainted coins or keys. You can hold your mask, but only by its straps. You should also ensure that it won’t come into contact with the walls, furniture, etc.

When not being used, never hang your mask from your ear or place it on your head. To keep it from ending up contaminated, use a mask lanyard. This will help make sure that your mask won’t come into contact with anything that’s potentially contaminated.

Regularly Wash It

Unless you prefer to use disposable surgical masks, you must wash your mask each time it gets soiled or wet. You should do the same if you accidentally placed it on a contaminated surface or touched the cloth part with dirty hands.

Just because a lanyard can help minimize the risk of your mask getting soiled or contaminated doesn’t necessarily mean that it won’t get sullied. From time to time, it’s also recommended that you wash your lanyard.

It’s because of this exactly why you should opt for a high-quality lanyard. Something that’s out of top-notch materials and comes with superior construction can be washed without trouble. It can also be of service to you for a long time.

Your mask and lanyard are not the only ones that you should wash regularly. An important step to take in the war against COVID-19 is washing your hands regularly. Make sure that you do so for not less than 20 seconds.


To keep you and also the ones that you care about safe amid a pandemic, there are many things that you can do. One of those is putting on a mask as needed. However, it’s also important that you use it correctly for it to be able to carry out its job properly.

Using a lanyard can help lower the risk of your mask getting dirty or contaminated. It can also save you from misplacing it.

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