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Modern Office Furniture: Styles, Colors & Prices

Written by Jimmy Rustling

Getting your work done productively starts with an efficient office space. Creating an effective work environment requires furniture that boosts your productivity while providing you with enough comfort to get your work completed in peace. When you establish a work atmosphere that allows for a healthy headspace, you feel more motivated to work and achieve more.

Whether you’re working in the office or from home, your furniture should optimize your space so you can get more done. Knowing how to get started is as simple as defining your style and how your eye for design can come to life within your environment. Determining the styles, colors, and price points of pieces for your workspace will give you more direction on how to get started.

While introducing furniture items that go along with current trends can provide you with a sense of presence, you can still buy furniture that feels most authentic to you. Here, we’ll review common office furniture styles, colors, and prices that are considerate of individual style. To learn more when you search ‘office furniture near me,’ continue reading.

Determining The Best Style

Depending on your office space, your furniture setup may require specific layouts. If you have a corner office space, consider an L-shaped desk under the search term ‘office furniture near me‘ to make the most of the available space. Likewise, if you have a larger office, you can maximize your organization by including storage cabinets, bookshelves, and other storage systems that allow you to store more without taking up more room.

Finding Your Color Scheme

The colors for your office should be based on productivity, personality, and workflow. If you are easily distracted, it may be wise to stick with neutral colors such as white, black, and gray and off-white tones such as beige and eggshell. If you need an engaging atmosphere to stay motivated, consider adding more colorful pieces to your office. Search under ‘office furniture near me’ for office chairs in modern tones like charcoal and office desks in cherry woodgrain.

Search ‘Office Furniture Near Me’ For Deals

Depending on where you shop, the prices for your office furniture may vary. Materials that are built to last or that are reclaimed may be more expensive, so finding a happy medium between luxury and budget-friendly is ideal for durable office furniture pieces. Affordable options include plywood desks, ergonomic chairs, and vinyl fabric couches. Look for deals from top manufacturers when you search ‘office furniture near me.’

Here are some general prices to consider as you shop:

  • Shop for office desks starting at $550.
  • For laminate series, the majority of the desks by mainstream manufacturers will be between $1200-$1670.
  • Storage cabinets go for $500-$700.
  • Office chairs sell from $200+, depending on quality.

Get Modern Office Furniture Today

Ultimately, creating the best workspace comes down to your financial capabilities and personal preferences. Create a workspace that helps you conquer the workday by searching ‘office furniture near me’ and find modern pieces within your budget.

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