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Moving Home? Here’s Who You Need To Inform

You’ve just announced that you’re moving, and it’s time to start spreading the news! But who exactly do you need to inform about a relocation?

Not only do your friends and family need to know when you move, but so do several other entities and businesses. That’s why, with help from moving company Shift, we developed this list to keep track of who you’ve informed and who you haven’t.


  • Employer – Your employer needs to be informed of relocation to update your contact information, but more significantly, they have to know about it for your payroll.
  • Inland Revenue – Inland Revenue is one of the most essential people to notify when you relocate. They’ll need to know this data for your taxes, and you may find out how to do it on gov.UK.
  • National Insurance – The government, the DVLA, HMRC, and your employer all make frequent use of your National Insurance (NI) number to help identify you. If you’ve moved to another country and have never updated your national insurance data, you’re liable for a significant penalty. This is why it’s critical to get in touch with the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP).

Local authorities

  • Council Tax – You must visit the official site for your relocation to update your Council Tax address. For example, if you’re moving to or from Harrow, click here. Each site has its own form for updating your address.
  • Electoral Roll – You’ll need to re-register on the Electoral Roll for your new location with your new details if you relocate.
  • Department of Work and Pensions – If you’re receiving money from the government, you’ll need to notify them of any changes to your address information with the Department of Work and Pensions as well. Simply contact the appropriate helpline to have this service done over the phone.


  • Cable/Satellite – If you have moved, you should inform them of your new address so they may update your contact information. It’s also worth double-checking to see whether your new home will need a new satellite dish or cable before updating this information. You’ll be wasting money by paying for a service that you can’t utilise.
  • Phone – You’ll need to inform your phone provider that you’re moving residences when you move because you’ll receive a new phone number for the house that you relocate to – this is generally possible at the same time as your internet service. To receive your bill, you must update your address with your mobile carrier so that they can send it to the correct location. You may do this by calling your service provider over the phone or visiting one of their stores.
  • Broadband – You can cancel your broadband service if you are looking for a cheaper deal when you move to your new home because you will have to call them to transfer your contract to the new property regardless.
  • TV Licence – When you change houses, you’ll need to notify the TV Licensing website of your new address. Your TV licence will not be valid when you relocate to a new home, therefore you must modify this information on the TV Licensing website. You may do so up to three months ahead of time.


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