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Murfreesboro Criminal Defense Attorney Guide

When you’re charged with a crime, there is nothing more than can impact your future than having a felony conviction on your permanent record. Therefore, it’s generally a good idea to hire a criminal defense lawyer. If you’re in Murfreesboro, you’re in luck! There are some excellent criminal defense lawyers, but how to you go about it? And what kind of questions exactly do you ask? We’ll tell you in this guide.

Are They Experienced?

You need to make sure that you hire a good defense attorney that is experienced in defending charges like yours. If they don’t have any experience in this field, then you may want to look into hiring another lawyer, as this can cause some problems, and won’t necessarily guarantee you a win. You want to ask a lot of questions when you are trying to find out if your criminal defense lawyer is able to help you. And you want to make sure that they have the right credentials that can back up their record as well.

Some good questions that you’ll want to ask are things like where they attended school, and how long ago they may have graduated. You also want to know just how long they’ve been studying criminal law, and whether or not they have experience in cases like yours. Don’t ever forget to ask questions such as whether or not they try to negotiate plea agreements, and what their relationship is like with the prosecuting office.

Think About How They Can Truly Help You

You need to know what kind of court system you’re being charged in. If it’s a local felony, you’ll want to know whether you’re going to city, county, state, or a federal trial, and your attorney to know what’s going to be going on. Therefore, you want to make sure that they can give you plenty of legal options, as well as what kind of plea you should take. If they may see any problems that can come about, you want to ask them about it. This way, you know when and when not to keep your mouth shut.

Let Them Handle Your Case

It’s also relatively important that you understand how the lawyer works. Many good lawyers can do everything that you need them to in the background, but you want to know that you can communicate with them anytime, and not just sit there and be ignored. You want to know if they can represent your case, and whether anyone else will be working on it (if so, make sure that you can meet that attorney as well). Ask them who you’re supposed to get ahold of in order to talk to them.


For the best Murfreesboro defense lawyer, you can count on Red King Law. They offer exceptional rates and have handled many cases that can help you. They serve the entire surrounding area of Murf, and Mr. Michael S. Rexroat is a former law office who understands that there is another side to most of the accused’s story.

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