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No Gym? Here Are the Best Home Workout Options

With the current lockdowns and movement restrictions due to COVID-19, accessing the gym for many people might be a problem. If you cannot afford a home gym, which is costly to set up anyway, there are numerous workout options you can try at home.

Fitness experts recommend taking advantage of body workouts or using simple gym equipment such as skipping ropes, rollers, and dumbbells. That said, here are some of the best home workout options for everyone.

Body Workouts

There are many body workouts that you can do to stay fit at home. Whether you choose squats, planks, sit-ups, or press-ups, engaging in them for enough time is very effective. Always prepare a schedule to accommodate body workouts covering all body muscles.

Most importantly, make sure that you are consistent in reps and sets to get positive results. Also, note that there are many variations of most body workouts, and you can take advantage of them as well to avoid monotony.

Nowadays, it is quite easy to get the most out of reduced spaces at home. You can take home a power rack with lat pulldown and basically, it will serve you for multiple purposes.

Use Simple Gym Equipment

Even if there is no gym, people can take advantage of simple workout equipment such as gym balls, dumbbells, skipping ropes, and many others that you may find convenient. This workout equipment is affordable and effective whether you are a bodybuilder or not. Actually, they are useful to athletes who have been using supplements and fitness enhancement gear. If you are interested in learning more about fitness and supplements check this additional resource.


This workout involves dynamic stretches, moves, and meditation for all-round fitness. It has physical and mental benefits. The best thing is that you can engage in yoga at home using online guides and tutorials. They are simple to follow especially when watching streaming channels. Yoga can be done once or twice a week alongside other workouts discussed here.

Dancing Workouts

If you want some fun workouts for the entire family, you can try dancing workouts. Zumba music is one of the best genres you can try although any other music that you love will do. To stay motivated, play or stream music workout videos and follow. You and your family can also challenge each other in a dancing competition.

Run or Jog in the Park

If there is no lockdown in your area, you can opt to jog or run in a nearby park. Note that you need at least 30 to 45 minutes to enjoy the fitness benefits of running. And the good thing is that both kids and the elderly can benefit from this workout. Take some time in the morning before starting your WFH routine or in the evening when you have finished your day. For many people, there is enough time now that you are not commuting to and from work.

Final Word

While engaging in at-home workouts, you should take all precautions to avoid injuries, and most importantly, promote your fitness. One of the challenges people face is the lack of professional trainers to guide them, but there is always the option of researching and following successful trainers online.

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