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Lubbock natives founded Carpet Tech Lubbock Tx over two decades ago as a carpet cleaning company. Nowadays, our expert team cleans and restores all surfaces for homeowners and businesses. We offer services within Lubbock and its surrounding areas.

Services that Carpet Lubbock Tx Offers

It is essential to have a safe and healthy home and business. Therefore, you need to hire someone you can trust to offer the best services that you need. Carpet Tech Lubbock, Tx, is here for you whether you need a deep cleaning for carpets, tile, grout, hard floors, or air ducts.

The Residential Services that We Offer

Home Carpet Stretching and Repairs

Carpet Tech Lubbock Tx not only repairs your carpets but also keeps them clean. When the carpet has not been stretched tight enough at installation, carpet wrinkles can form over time. Carpet wrinkles are not only unsightly, but they can be a dangerous hazard. Carpet stretching that Carpet Tech Lubbock Tx offers can help save the costs of replacing the carpet. Improper installation, low-quality carpet or padding, or even humidity and temperature are some of the most common causes of carpet wrinkling. We can also fix your carpet if it is coming up between doorways or where it meets hardwood flooring. At Carpet Tech Lubbock Tx, we have trained our technicians. They are also experienced in all carpet repairs, including repairing frayed edges, patch carpet holes, burns, rips, and carpet stretching services.

With our carpet stretching services, you can prolong the life of your carpets and save more money. We are experienced in solving a full range of carpet problems.

Residential stain and odor removal

At Carpet Tech Lubbock Tx, we offer two types of odor removal that depend on the cause. Thermal fog helps in the reduction of unbearable odors from smoke damage. Our zone treatment removes stubborn odors that come from pets and pet urine. In the case of neglected water damage that has begun to mildew and smell, we also offer to disinfect and deodorize. We are confident that our odor removal can help solve odor problems in your home.

Stains Pre-treatment

Topical Treatment

We have a topical spray that binds to pet urine and crystallizes if the spot is small. We could then remove the contaminants easily using our hot water extraction.

Guaranteed Treatment

The damage is sometimes severe in most cases than the occasional spot. This needs odor stain remover to clean the stains.

Top-tier Carpet Cleaning with Carpet Tech Lubbock Tx

Cleaning sometimes needs more than what individuals vacuum do every day to keep the carpet in your home looking clean as intended. Carpet Tech Lubbock Tx technicians recommend that you carry out carpet cleaning between 4-6months. This is to tackle the challenging issues that your carpet could be facing adequately, including kids, pets, weather, and more.  Every individual needs to give their carpets what they need.

At Carpet Tech Lubbock Tx, we use versatile, safer, and easier carpet cleaning methods. This is to give you and your home carpets clean and free from contaminants.

Reasons Why Carpet Tech Lubbock TX Should Be Your Go-to Company

Carpet Tech Lubbock Tx only supplies the firm with professional cleaners who have vast experience in carpet cleaning services and are also IIRC-certified.

We also ensure that our cleaning process is free of harmful chemicals or any soap.

Carpet Tech has been using a hot water extraction process using deionized, purified water.

We have an expert team with all the experience needed to remove tough and stubborn stains that no household vacuum can get hold of.

Carpet Tech Lubbock Tx also offers customized cleaning plans to fit your time, needs, and budget.

We also save your time by getting our job done faster.

We know not to shrink your carpet or cause any other types of damage.

We also allow your family to breathe easier because our cleaning process involves removing allergens, pet dander, and other irritants.

Carpet Tech Lubbock Tx Residential Flood Damage Restoration Services

Every individual experiencing flood damage in their home due to a plumbing catastrophe needs immediate help. At Carpet Tech Lubbock Tx, we offer water damage restoration services that every individual needs. Regardless of what time you need our help, our team will respond promptly to provide an onsite inspection and solution. Your home value can drastically get affected by mildew and mold. That’s why we have mold remediation services to help avert the risk. We are ready for any water restoration job since we have plenty of real-world experience and IICRC-certification. We also have the required tools and methods to help preserve your floors, carpet, drywall, and home.

Whether the flood damage is a natural disaster or a plumbing problem, we are happy to help you handle the situation, whether big or small. With our professional water damage restoration services, Carpet Tech Lubbock Tx is ready to satisfy all experienced individuals.

Carpet Tech Lubbock Tx Commercial Services

When looking to limit water damage, it is better to respond quickly to the situation. Fortunately, Carpet Tech Lubbock Tx has 24/7 emergency commercial water damage restoration services. When you contact us, our team of professionals will be onsite within one hour to handle repairs from minor to comprehensive, from cleanup to reconstruction. With our certified technicians, we will help eliminate the risks of having mold and mildew problems. Since our inception, we have been providing mold remediation services for buildings long affected by moisture.

There is an extensive process that comes with water damage restoration. However, at Carpet Tech Lubbock Tx, we are well equipped to meet needs, great or small. We will be there for you when you need us the most, whether it is an entire apartment complex or a flooded restroom. Don’t suffer alone and let water damage ruin your business, yet we are just a call away!

Other Carpet Tech Lubbock Tx Commercial Services

We offer other commercial services, including air duct cleaning, dryer vent cleaning, stone restoration, and stone cleaning services.

With Carpet Tech Lubbock Tx, you can get all the quality services that you deserve.

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