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Returning Shows to Catch Up on in 2022

Life is full of hardships, like unexpected injuries and getting laid off from work, but amidst the pressure of finding a new job and asking your doctor questions like, “what’s a bunion?” you can catch up on your favorite shows to keep you sane. And with several filming delays in the past couple of years due to the pandemic, 2022 is set up to drop plenty of big releases. Here are some of the biggest returning shows to catch up on in 2022.

The Boys Season 3

Based on the graphic novels of the same name, The Boys provided superhero fans with a show that was a bit darker than mainstream Marvel titles. Actually, it’s quite a bit darker. And more red, because this series has a lot of blood, and we mean a lot. It essentially acts as a satire of DC’s Justice League, with stand-ins of each title member. The twist comes when we learn that this new group of “heroes” is full of fakes.

The show plays with modern ideals to turn the superhero genre on its head, instead choosing to focus on our social culture and how large companies promote themselves, as well as the moral implications that come with said celebrity culture. If you’ve never seen it, the first two seasons can be found on Amazon Prime. It’s definitely worth a watch if you’re a fan of superheroes, dark humor, and lots of television violence. The third season premiers on June 3rd.

Stranger Things Season 4

Stranger Things took the television world by storm when the first season dropped, but the gap between seasons three and four has been noticeable, having been released nearly three years ago. However, season four is finally coming to Netflix on May 27th . . . the first part, anyway. The second part is currently expected to drop on July 1st, and with such a long break from the last season, you may have to rewatch the first three just to remember what has happened. But that’s okay because that just means you get to enjoy the show all over again.

Barry Season 3

Hitman turned actor? Sounds like an interesting concept on paper, but the finished product is even more so. Barry succeeds in making us laugh, building tension, supplying us with entertaining action, and having characters that compel us to continue watching episode after episode. The last season ended on quite the cliffhanger back in 2019, and fans are eager to see what is going to happen to Barry next. Played by the impeccable Bill Hader, Barry returns to HBO Max on April 24.

The Golden Age of Television

With so many great shows returning for multiple seasons and new ones popping up each year across multiple streaming platforms, it seems as though viewers are living in the golden age of television. There are almost too many amazing shows to keep up with, but we’re not complaining! So long as the quality of these shows remains top-notch, we’re more than willing to sit and watch.

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