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Running criminal background checks for employees in Tasmania – all you need to know

Written by Jimmy Rustling

Over the past few years there has been a marked increase in the number of Tasmania-based businesses requiring background checks on their employees. The main reason behind this emerging trend is that companies have come to understand just how useful such police checks can be.

Another important factor behind the uptick in criminal background checks is they’re availability. Modern technology has inspired Australian entrepreneurs to become official providers of national police checks and their services are quicker and more satisfactory than the old-fashioned way of obtaining your criminal history check by visiting your local police station.

What are background check services?

Online criminal background checks are businesses that are accredited with the Criminal Commission. To be approved with the government, a service provider must pass security checks. This is a vital step since the agency will be granted full access to sensitive data like criminal records. Also, the agency needs to prove they have adequate security software and protocols to keep the data safe.

A background check ordered through such an agency is 100% valid. If a company needs to run a criminal history check on an employee all they have to do is fill in an online form, provide ID’s and provide the person’s informed consent.

The process of running a police check with an online agency is incredibly quick. If the local police might take weeks to perform such a service, an online agency will have the results for you in mostly 24 hours, with the remaining taking up to 15 days or so. They have better support available. The results are sent back via email and the HR department can file the police report in their own database.

What all Tasmanian business owners should know is that you cannot run a national police check Tasmania on an employee without their consent. Also, the information received from the online agency should be safely stored. No unauthorized person should get access to such sensitive information, as revealing private information of this type is against the law.

Why should I run a background check on my employees?

To get some peace of mind would be the easiest answer. If you’re a business owner you want to know who works for you and if they are reliable persons. No one wants to hire people with a long criminal record who would only create problems.

If you don’t order background checks on a new employee you might unwittingly hire someone with a history of fraud or embezzlement and you can bet they’re there to try one of their schemes again. Or you might hire a dangerous sexual predator and put all your female employees, customers or business partners at risk. There are many other types of ex-cons that could create problems, like people with drug or alcohol-related offences on their record or people with a violent behavior always ready to pick up a fight.

Why take such a risk when ordering a background check is such an easy thing?

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