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Step By Step Guide to Increase Instagram Likes

Written by Jimmy Rustling

The social media presence of many firms is built on Instagram. The platform has been shown to increase traffic, enhance sales, and keep customers interested. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Instagram likes are other users letting you know that they enjoy your work. So, the Instagram likes are indirectly the marksheet your work which shows either your work is appreciated or not.

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However, it’s not a cup of tea to increase your Instagram likes within a short span of time, but at the same time it is not impossible. There are actually a few simple techniques through which you can get more likes and increase them on your post!

1 Adapt to your intended audience

Make stuff that your audience will find interesting. Consider the content that initially attracted your followers to you, and keep improving on it whether you’re managing an Instagram account for your business, a particular niche, or just for your friends. So, avoid being redundant while also staying close to the material that has already received positive feedback from your audience.

2 Boost your aesthetic sense

Make eye-catching photos and video posts by editing them to be beautiful or distinctive. You don’t need the best camera in the world to shoot amazing pictures, but you should indeed edit dark, grainy, or incorrectly centered pictures before putting them online.

Examine your profile and the grid to see how your posts go together and maintain your brand’s consistency and aesthetic appeal. Then think about adhering to a color palette or photography style. Make your Instagram images stand out by using original filters. To maintain consistency, use the same one or two filters throughout all of your posts. Additionally, utilize Photoshop Express, Canva, and Instagram filters to make your photographs look stunning before sharing.

3 Post when Instagram users are most active

At particular times of the day, Instagram users are more inclined to like and comment on posts. You’re more likely to receive more engagement if you post during periods of high engagement. The weekdays between mid-morning and early afternoon are the optimal and perfect times to post on Instagram for the most interaction. So, avoid putting your posts when nobody will notice or there may be a chance to get less attention.

4 Post frequently

While posting content frequently is crucial as it will let your audience keep entertain and will hold their attention too. An excellent strategy to keep your fans satisfied without overwhelming them is to post just once every day. Your followers are less likely to give you the Instagram likes you deserve if you publish too frequently or post too many identical things quickly. If you have a lot you want to share, use carousel postings instead of sharing photos one at a time. Currently, carousel posts are viral and offer a fantastic opportunity to showcase plenty of fascinating photographs without annoying your followers.

5 Send out content when your audience is most active

The riddle consists of more than just Instagram’s peak engagement periods. Your followers’ schedules may vary depending on your niche, region, and content. You can use your Insights panel if you have a Creator or Business profile to determine when your followers use Instagram most frequently. To determine the ideal moment to share fresh material with each of your distinct followers, touch Insights on your profile and choose the Audience tab.

6 Create catchy captions

Consider the caption field when creating a new post just as carefully as the image or video you’re sharing. To start a conversation, pose a query, share a brief anecdote, or offer some interesting trivia. A person is likelier to enjoy your content and leave a remark if you can attract their attention and hold them toward your post. It is a great achievement if your audience is taking the time to read what you have to say. Short, humorous, and sweet captions could be more popular with some audiences rather than writing lengthy captions but are getting few likes.

7 Include the newest trends in your postings.

To demonstrate to your followers that you are both relatable and up-to-date with current events, find a way to combine the hottest issues into your articles. Furthermore, when you publish a reel, check the “Trending” area to see which audio is most in demand at the moment.

8 Be affable

Content concerning humans is popular. Telling relatable experiences in your posts and captions, whether you have a personal or professional account, makes people feel more connected to you. For instance, while sharing a photo of a meal you made could get a few likes because it looks good, you’ll get even more likes if you share a memory about the last time, you made it, a culinary faux pas, or your relationship with a specific ingredient.

9 Your most shareable material should be reeled in

Instagram prominently displays Instagram Reels on the platform. Create your idea for the ideal viral video as a ‘Reel’ rather than a post or story when you have one. Reels are simpler for users to share with their friends and are also readily available for discovery owing to the display of users’ reels on their Explore pages.

10 Apply hashtags

People can find your content by using popular and pertinent hashtags. When you include a hashtag in the caption of your post, your post will be included on the page which belongs to that ‘hashtag,’ making it more straightforward for users to find. For people to locate your material when they search for or follow their favorite hashtags, you should always include 3 to 5 relevant and/or popular hashtags in each post.

So, to see the hashtags other accounts are using, look at accounts that are similar to yours. Check out those hashtags to determine whether your work fits in there. If so, remember to add those hashtags to your l!


Your posting approach could require adjustment if you’re posting fantastic images and videos on Instagram, but you need to see the engagement numbers you desire. Whether your Instagram account is public or private, corporate or personal, we’ve uncovered a few tried and proven strategies to increase your Instagram likes. This article will help you to discover quick and simple techniques to increase Instagram likes!

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